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This is a java wrapper for the API provided by bungie to control things on and inside the game Destiny 2. It handles all of the neccessary HTTP requests async and parses the Json response for you.

The API is a work in-progress, contributions are welcome. Please note that development is on-going and the latest versions may be prone to bugs. If you find any please create an issue to report it.

Getting Started

This project can be currently accessed through the jitpack repository, which allows any github repo to be used as a dependency


And then this dependency:


(You may need to replace "master" with the latest commit hash)

If you happen to need a JAR version, check out releases.

Check out the wiki for more specific examples and information.

How's it made?

There is both official and unofficial documentation for the API available on and on the offical bungie api documentation.


  • Managing inventory / Item transferring
  • Collections / Triumphs
  • Comprehensive Wiki / Youtube tutorials

Future Plans

I have some long-term goals with this API. Firstly, I'd like to complete the wrapping of most of Bungie-net API into the JavaDestinyAPI. Next I'd like to make a 2.0 version of this API completely built from the ground-up using the lessons and principles learned and established within the development period of the 1.0 version.


A Java wrapper for the Bungie Platform API



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