DELPH-IN RESTful API using ACE and pyDelphin
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This is an implementation of the DELPH-IN RESTful API using ACE and pyDelphin as the backend.

Quick Start

Configure your grammars and ACE in, make sure the requirements are satisfied and importable (e.g. by setting PYTHONPATH), and run:


Send requests to the server (assuming this is run locally at

curl -v\&input=Abrams%20barks.
< HTTP/1.0 200 OK
< Content-Type: application/json
{"pedges": "42", "results": [{"result-id": 0, "mrs": {"top": "h0", ...

If you want a client to read the responses from the server, try pyDelphin's REST interface.



Bottlenose currently only implements a subset of the functions defined by the API, but it also provides DMRS output and it works with non-ERG grammars as well.