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PyDelphin — Python libraries for DELPH-IN data

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DELPH-IN is an international consortium of researchers committed to producing precise, high-quality language processing tools and resources, primarily in the HPSG syntactic and MRS semantic frameworks, and PyDelphin is a suite of Python libraries for processing data and interacting with tools in the DELPH-IN ecosystem. PyDelphin's goal is to lower the barriers to making use of DELPH-IN resources to help users quickly build applications or perform experiments, and it has been successfully used for research into machine translation (e.g., Goodman, 2018), sentence chunking (Muszyńska, 2016), neural semantic parsing (Buys & Blunsom, 2017), and more.

Documentation, including tutorials and an API reference, is available here:

New to PyDelphin? Want to see examples? Try the walkthrough.

Installation and Upgrading

Get the latest release of PyDelphin from PyPI:

$ pip install pydelphin

For more information about requirements, installing from source, and running unit tests, please see the documentation.

API changes in new versions are documented in the CHANGELOG, but for any unexpected changes please file an issue. Also note that the upcoming v1.0.0 version will remove Python 2.7 support and numerous deprecated features.


The following packages/modules are available:

Other Information


PyDelphin is developed and maintained by several contributors:

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Earlier versions of PyDelphin were spelled "pyDelphin" with a lower-case "p" and this form is used in several publications. The current recommended spelling has an upper-case "P".