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Collections of reusable code snippets, mainly in Pascal.
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Code Snippets Collections

This repository will be used to store one or more collections of reusable code snippets, mainly in Pascal.


The collections that will be included here are designed, by and large, for use with the DelphiDabbler CodeSnip program.

Having said that, the source code in the collections can be used stand-alone. Each collection has meta data associated with it that was originally designed for use with CodeSnip, but can be used with any other software designed to parse the meta data. The meta data file formats will be documented.

Note though that some snippets depend on others. The meta data, in part, specifies those relationships.


Available collections will be described here.


The repo uses the Git Flow methodology - i.e. development proceeds on the develop branch and feature branches off it. Only released content appears on the master branch.


By default the source code contained in each collection is released under the MIT License unless either:

  1. The directory containing the collection has its own file - the license specified by such a file then takes precedence; or

  2. The snippet's source code specifies a license. In this case that license applies.

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