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Code Snippets Collections

This repository is used to store a collection of reusable code snippets, mainly in Pascal.

NOTE: Further collections may be added in the future.


The purpose of this repository is to provide collections of snippets for use with the DelphiDabbler CodeSnip program.

However the intent is that other applications will also be able to use the collections by parsing the meta data provided with the collections. It is intended that the meta data will be fully documented.


So far there is just one collection, the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database. This collection is version 2 of the database. It is designed for use with CodeSnip v4.16 and later.

The collection is not compatible with versions of CodeSnip up to v4.15.1.

The collection can be found in the csdb directory. The actual collection is contained in the collection sub-directory and it is documented in the docs sub-directory - see collection-format.html for further information.


This repo uses the Git Flow methodology - i.e. development proceeds on the develop branch and feature branches off it. Only released content appears on the master branch.


The license that applies to this project can be found in in the repo's root directory.

Code snippets in collections may have a different license or licenses. See the documentation of each collection for details.