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A code bank designed with Pascal in mind.


CodeSnip is an open source code bank for storing and viewing your code snippets. While it can manage snippets in any source language, it is focused mainly on Pascal and Delphi code for which additional features are available.

CodeSnip can import code from the DelphiDabbler Code Snippets Database.

The program is available in both standard and portable editions.

CodeSnip requires Windows 2000 or later and Internet Explorer 6 or later, although XP and IE 8 and later are recommended.


The standard edition of CodeSnip is installed and removed using a standard Windows installer. Administrator privileges are required for installation.

The portable edition has no installer. Simply follow the instructions in the read me file that is included in the download zip file.


The following support is available CodeSnip users:

There's also plenty of info available on how to compile CodeSnip from source - see below.

* This link takes you to the most recent version of the read-me file -- it can change from release to release.

Source Code

CodeSnip's source code is maintained in the delphidabbler/codesnip Git repository on GitHub†.

The Git Flow methodology has been adopted, with the exception of some branches that have been used in various attempts to start work on CodeSnip 5.

The following branches existed as of 2022/07/01:

  • master: Always reflects the state of the source code as of the latest release.‡
  • develop: Main development branch. The head of this branch contains the latest v4 development code.
  • belvedere: The latest attempt to develop CodeSnip 5. See the Belvedere Readme file for a full explanation.
  • pagoda: An abortive attempt at developing CodeSnip 5. Work on this branch has halted. It does not follow GitFlow methodology. Do not use this branch: it may be pruned.
  • pavilion: Another attempt at working on CodeSnip 5. It branched off pagoda and work on it has halted. Again it does not follow GitFlow methodology. Do not use this branch: it may be pruned.

New features and most bug fixes are worked on in feature/xxxx branches that are branched off develop locally. They are merged into develop as they are completed and the branches are deleted.

Note that the default branch on GitHub is master, which contains the state of the project as of the latest release. If you want to see the current state of play with new developments switch to develop.

† Up to and including v4.13.1 the source code was kept in a Subversion repository on SourceForge. It was converted to Git in October 2015 and imported into GitHub. All releases from v3.0.0 are marked by tags in the form version-x.x.x where x.x.x is the version number. None of the Subversion branches made it through the conversion to Git, so to see a full history look at the old SourceForge repository.

‡ All the converted Subversion code was committed to master, making it a copy of the old Subversion trunk. As such master contains various development commits along with numerous commits related to management of Subversion. After release 4.13.1, and the the first commit of this read-me file, master contains only commits relating to actual releases.


To contribute to CodeSnip 4 development please fork the repository on GitHub. Create a feature branch off the develop branch. Make your changes to your feature branch then submit a pull request via GitHub.

Do not create branches off master, always branch from develop.

Licensing of contributions

The license that applies to any existing file you edit will continue to apply to the edited file. Any existing license text or copyright statement must not be altered or removed.

Any new file you contribute must either be licensed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL2) or have a license compatible with the MPL2. If a license is not specified then MPL2 will be assumed and will be applied to the file. You should insert a suitable copyright statement in the file.

Any third party code used by your contributed code must also have a license compatible with the MPL2.

MPL2 boilerplate text, in several programming language's comment formats, can be found in the file Docs/MPL-2.0-Boilerplate.txt. You will need to change the name of the copyright holder.


master has a file in the root directory named Build.html that gives detailed information about how to compile the current release of CodeSnip 4.

There is also a Compiling & Source Code FAQ.

CodeSnip 4 must be compiled with Delphi XE. See Compiling & Source Code FAQ 11 for the reason why.

Change Log

The program's current change log can be found in the file in the root of the master branch.

Note that CodeSnip v4.15.1 and earlier did not have Instead, some versions maintained a separate change log for each major version in the Docs/ChangeLogs directory.


The program's EULA, which gives full details of the license applying to the latest release, can be found in the file Docs\License.html in the master branch. The license has changed between releases, so if you need to see an older one, select the appropriate version-x.x.x tag and read the older version of the file.

Most of the original code is made available under the Mozilla Public License v2.

The CodeSnip Compiling & Source Code FAQ may be useful if you have any queries about re-using CodeSnip source in other projects.

Bug Reports and Features

You can report bugs or request new features using the Issues section of the CodeSnip GitHub project. You will need a GitHub account to do this.

Please do not report bugs unless you have checked whether the bug exists in the latest version of the program.