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A self-hosted disposable mail service.

Online Demo


Setting up your DNS correctly

In order to receive emails, your smtp server address should be made available somewhere. Two records should be added to your DNS records. Let us pretend that we want to receive emails at *

  • First an MX record: MX 10 This means that the mail server for addresses like * will be
  • Then an A record: A the.ip.address.of.your.mailin.server. This tells at which ip address the mail server can be found.

You can use an smtp server tester to verify that everything is correct.

Let's Go

general way:

npm install && npm start

if you want to run this inside a docker container

docker build -t denghongcai/forsaken-mail .
docker run --name forsaken-mail -d -p 25:25 -p 3000:3000 denghongcai/forsaken-mail

Open your browser and type in