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A free Vue admin dashboard template pack featuring a modern design system
and lots of custom templates and components.

Note: You can download the Sketch files from the official product page.

Quick Start

  • Install dependencies by running yarn.
  • Run yarn serve to start the local development server.
  • 😎 That's it! You're ready to start building awesome dashboards.

Project Structure

  • All templates are located inside src/views and most of them are self-contained.
  • There's only one single layout defined (Default) inside src/layouts, however the current structure provides an easy way of extending the UI kit.
  • The src/components directory hosts all template-specific subcomponents in their own subdirectory.
  • Almost all components have their styles isolated in SFC, however, some global styles are also placed inside src/assets/scss next to Shards Dashboard Lite's base styles.
  • The src/utils directory contains generic Chart.js utilities.

🌟 Pro Version

If you're looking for something more, check out Shards Dashboard Pro Vue which features many more custom templates and components. Use the GITHUB15 coupon code for a 15% discount off the current price.

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Please check out the CHANGELOG.