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View source of deployed Ethereum smart contracts in VS Code

While on Etherscan, change .io to and browse contracts comfortably in ephemeral VS Code instance


While browsing smart contract code on Etherscan just change URL from .io to This will open Visual Studio Code instance and fetch the verified code using Etherscan API.


Or save the following code snippet as a bookmarklet to quickly go from any supported chain explorer to DethCode.

javascript: location.href = location.href.replace(/\.\w+(\/)/, "")

Features ⚡

  • frictionless - just tweak URL while browsing etherscan .io ->
  • proxy support - automatically follows proxies and displays implementation source code
  • multichain - supports different etherscan instances: testnets, L2s, L1s (all supported chains)


Browsing contracts directly on etherscan sucks! Browsing multi-file contracts on etherscan sucks even more. Limited search, weird syntax highlighting, and many, many more. Finally, it's often impossible to just git clone repository and browse source code locally because it's hard to find the exact commit that matches onchain code.

DethCode was born out of frustration, and it's here to fix all of these issues. In addition, it improves the experience by automatically following the implementation of proxies and so on.

Is it still relevant since Etherscan implements something similar?

Etherscan decided that they like the idea of browsing smart contracts in ephemeral VSCode instances so much that they decided to make it part of the their offering. We don't hold a grudge against them, however this is precisely why DethCode needs to live on!

DethCode is a fully open-source, public good that is available for anyone and is developed by a community. Other blockchain explorers can use it/self-host it instead of developing the same thing again. Furthermore, we are preparing to launch, new advanced features that will make DethCode the best way to browse ethereum's smart contracts.


Contributing and development

Check out our contributing guide.


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