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Collecticons processor Build Status

Processor script for collecticon icon library.

This utility is meant to be used to generate webfont (eot, woff, ttf) and style files (css, sass) from the collecticon icon library.

Install the module as a global dependency.

npm install -g collecticons-processor


The script has 3 commands explained below.

$ collecticons
  Usage: collecticons [options] [command]


    compile [options] <source-folder>                    Compile the font from svg icons
    grid [options] <source-folder> <destination-folder>  Alter the icons grid
    bundle <source-folder> <destination-file>            Compile the font outputting a zip file.


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number


Compiles the font and the style files.

$ collecticons compile --help
  Usage: compile [options] <source-folder>

  Compile the font from svg icons


    -h, --help             output usage information
    --font-name <name>     name of the font
    --font-types <dest>    font types to output (ttf,woff,eot) [ttf,woff,eot]
    --font-dest <dest>     destination folder for the font
    --font-embed           embed the font in the css (except eot). When embedding, the font files are removed
    --author-name <dest>   name of the author
    --author-url <dest>    url of the author
    --class-name <name>    class name to use
    --style-format <dest>  style formats to output (sass,css) [sass]
    --style-dest <dest>    destination folder for the style files
    --style-name <name>    name for for the style files
    --no-placeholder       disable the sass placeholder
    --no-standalone        disable the css standalone classes
    --preview-dest <dest>  destination folder for the preview
    --no-preview           disable the preview
    --catalog-dest <dest>  destination folder for the catalog. Output disable by default

By default everything will be output to a collecticons/ folder. It includes a sass file, all the fonts and a preview to view the exported icons.

$ collecticons compile source/


  - styles/
    - _icons.scss
  - preview.html
  - font/
    - collecticons.woff
    - collecticons.ttf
    - collecticons.eot

It is possible to change all the paths through options:

$ collecticons compile source/ --no-preview --font-dest assets/fonts --style-dest assets/styles

Font embed

If you're working with modern browsers and just want to embed the WOFF or TTF font in the sass file, you can use --font-embed. In this case, no font files will be stored.

$ collecticons compile source/ --no-preview --style-dest assets/styles --font-types woff --font-embed

Font types

The --font-types flag allows you to limit the output formats to particular types.

$ collecticons compile source/ --font-types [eot,woff]

Sass vs Css

The script can output both sass and css formats but they have significant differences in the way they are structured.


[class*=" collecticon-"] {
  font-family: "collecticons";
  /* ... */

.collecticon-add:before {
  content: "\EA01"

You can place Collecticons just about anywhere using the respective CSS class. The icon library is designed to be used with inline elements (we like the <i> tag for brevity, but using a <span> is more semantically correct).

<button><i class="ocollecticon-add"></i> Add</button>


[class*=" collecticon-"] {
  font-family: "collecticons";
  // ...

.collecticon-add:before {
  content: "\EA01"

%collecticon-add {
  @extend %collecticon;
  content: "\EA01"

Placeholders don't make any assumption to what pseudo selector is used (before or after) therefore some semantic styling is required. By default the scss also outputs the normal css classes so that icons can be used directly on an html element (see above) but this can be disabled.

<button class="bttn-add">Add</button>
.bttn-add:before { // or .bttn-add:after {
  @extend %collecticon-add;

Using this approach allows the usage of up to two icons per element (one per selector).


The svg icons have a grid that's used to aid development and that has to be removed if they're to be used in raw format.

$ collecticons grid -r source/ dest/


Creates a zip file with the fonts, css styles, and a gridless version of the icons. Used to prepare the library for distribution.

$ collecticons bundle source/


The testing is done using mocha. Use npm test to run the tests.


You are free to contribute to the project. If you find a bug and/or have a nice idea about a feature feel free to open an issue or submit your own solution. We'll be more than happy to hear your suggestions. :)


Collecticons is licensed under The MIT License (MIT), see the LICENSE file for more details.