A list of 3rd party Applications and Tools for the awesome Eve Online MMO.
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3rd Party Apps & Tools

There are those who play Eve Online using the game's given UI and there are those who manipulate the data and create tools to work within the Eve Online Universe. This is an attempt to keep an updated and maintained list of some of the many great tools and applications.

Process to be listed:

  • Create a Pull Request with the name of your tool, the URL (or app name) of your tool, a category it should go into, and a very brief description of what it does.
  • Your product should be user friendly and beyond "beta" stages.
  • If approved, it will be added! Yay!

Since Eve apps and websites come and go we will try to check each of the them periodically and keep the list up to date.

XML and CREST are dead, long live ESI

It's official, XML and CREST are officially dead as of May 8th, 2018. The replacement ESI is now in full effect and has reached parity.

ESI Discussion

You can participate with CCP devs and third party devs by joining Tweetfleet on Slack and hopping into the #esi channel. Do be polite.

Capsuleer tools

Various Tools

  • EveHQ - Toolbox for capsuleer including fitting, character and skill planning, industry, assets management and more.
  • PyEveLiveDPS - PyEveLiveDPS (PELD) is a live DPS calculator and grapher for many combat statistics
  • EVE Ref - EVE Online reference site with full item database and stats.
  • EVEthing2 - Toolbox for manage skills and assets across a large number of characters. repo
  • GESI - Google Sheets script to interact with ESI.
  • Clone Guard - Never lose another training clone: Notifies you if you forgot to switch to the right clone


  • PodMail - PodMail, an ESI EveMail client. Mobile friendly web platform for accessing your evemails.

Fitting Tools

  • Pyfa - allows you to create, experiment with, and save ship fittings without being in game.

Fitting Tools (Outdated)

While these fitting tools haven't been updated in some time they can still be useful, but use at your own risk.

  • EFT - Eve Fitting Tool (Windows). (no update since May 2016)
  • IGB POS - Old In Game Browers POS builder. Allows you to set up a POS with fittings to see what you can online all at once. Has prices and creates a shopping list.

Fleet Tools

  • dscan.me - Dscan, Local scan and Fleet scan tools
  • Capri's Tools - A suite of fleet scan tools including live fleet scans via ESI
  • Fleet-up - Designed to help corporations & alliances manage their fittings, doctrines, operations and fleets.


  • Eve Gate Camp Check - Navigation specifically tuned towards kills happening at gates.
  • EveWho - List members of a corp or alliance from out of game.
  • SeAT - SeAT is a EVE Online Corporation Management Tool written in PHP.
  • Eve Warfare - displays Faction Warfare statistics, highlights current hot-spots and offers a market management tool for keeping your pilots equiped. Faction warfare stats are available via both the website and Slack integration; market management tools are displayed in the browser and configured via Slack commands.
  • Eve Incursions - provides an overview of the current incursions, active communities and incursion rat information.
  • Eve Overmind
  • Timer Calculator - calculates structure timers (such as citadel vulnerability windows or POCO/POS reinforcement) from screenshots
  • EVE PRISM - tool for gathering and analyzing information intended for PvP-oriented players that also works as a gorgeous screensaver

Mobile Applications

  • Evanova - Character and corporation management tool featuring a fitting tool, database browsing and more.
  • Eve Droid - EVE Droid is a character monitoring and ship fitting tool for EVE Online.
  • Eveeye Explorer - Interactive k-space maps + chain mapping.
  • Eve Panda - Manage your Eve Online characters using the ESI interface.
  • Eve PI - A central console for reviewing your Planetary Interaction colonies.
  • Mining Helper - This simple app let's you select some ores and will fetch their prices in Tradehubs.
  • Neocom II for EVE Online - View your EVE Online characters and skills, browse EVE Online items database, analyze market information, test ship fits on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Eveeye Explorer - Interactive k-space maps + chain mapping.

Corporation/Alliance/Group tools

Management Tools

  • EveStructures - Monitor all your stations spread across New Eden across multiple Corporations. See Fuel, Services, and much more.
  • EVE Data - Market Data, P&L, asset valuation, war/FW contact synchronization, locator agent data sharing, discord integration for kills; structures; locators, and more.

Auth Systems

  • Alliance Auth - An auth system for EVE Online to help in-game organizations manage online service access.
  • AVRSE Auth - An FC focussed auth system with support for discord, mumble and IPB. Handles characters/assets/skills/structure management.

Discord Tools

  • Firetail - A discord bot that can provide killmails, price checks, group and character lookups and more..
  • Keepstar - An easy way to authenticate discord users against their ingame persona. Restrict roles based off of corps and alliances.
  • Opux - A Discord bot that provides various lookups and killmail feeds as well as Discord Role management.

Intel (Wormholes)

  • Tripwire - wormhole mapping tool
  • Siggy - wormhole mapping tool
  • Pathfinder - wormhole mapping tool
  • anoik.is - Wormhole info tool. Tells you about the WH and who is probably in it. Battles and links to zkillboard for kills.
  • eve-wh.space - Information about wormhole systems, WH sites; WH database. Integration with ESI, zKillboard. Focused on minimalistic UI and usability.
  • WormBoard - Wormhole corporation ranking site and statistics including killtime distribution and expected fleetsizes.


Killboard Utilities

  • RedisQ - A simple queue service for "pushing" killmails from zKillboard.
  • brcat - Tool for generating battle reports from killmails held on zKillboard.com


  • EVE Trade - a tool to fill the gaps that EVE Central left behind. It allows users to find great deals when it comes to station trading or hauling. The tool will run market analysis on station to station trades as well as region to region trades (public citadels included).
  • Eve Traders Handbook - a multi-purpose web application for traders, importers, and manufacturers.
  • EVE-Mogul - EVE-Mogul.com - Website for trade & profit tracking, portfolio management, and more
  • Eve Trade Master - web based profit tracking, sales reporting, trade simulator and inventory management tool.
  • Evernus - Inventory and market data (Windows/MacOSX application).
  • ISK Per Hour EVE - Isk per Hour is a Windows program that allows players of EVE Online to determine ways to maximize their Isk per Hour through manufacturing, mining, invention, and reverse engineering.
  • EveKit - Market - Market price history and book data (including complete history). Use JSON/REST or Swagger generated clients.
  • MarketBot - A Discord bot for fetching the best item prices and other market data.
  • EveMarketTool - Bulk price check and find the items with the best trade flipping margins.
  • EVEMarketer - Web client to check prices and orders of all items in multiple regions that looks a lot like the in-game market.


  • Eve Cost - Calculate what you need to make anything and profit margins. Also has invention and refining calculators.
  • Fuzzworks - Fuzzworks - many very, very useful tools including but not limited to Industry, stats, calculators, and route planners. Fuzzwork github


  • Dotlan - The ONLY eve map site you will ever need peroid. Jump planning, and route planning. A lot of info too much to list.
  • Eveeye Explorer - Interactive k-space maps + chain mapping.
  • Slazangers Map Tool (SMT) - Character/intel tracking, waypoint manipulation, live data for all your hunting/travelling needs(ratting, deaths, jumps etc) and some helpers for relic/data exploration


  • EVE SRP mail - A simple mailing tool for use in Corporations with Ship Replacement Programs. Mails from contracts.
  • jeveassets - Asset viewer, with market values.
  • Eve-Files - Upload Eve related files for sharing.
  • Destruct-Ore - A Corporation Mining Op Scheduler/Manager with payment manager.
  • EVEpoll - Create polls for corporations, alliances or New Eden using SSO.
  • EVEOTS V2 - EVE Online Teamspeak Authenticator V2 using ESI API
  • PHP Timerboard - Stand-alone PHP Timerboard
  • EveChatNotifier - Outlook-Like Notifications for EVE Online chat


  • ESI Knife - View/share all of your ESI data
  • ESIKnife - View/share all of your ESI data

Planetary Interaction

  • EVE PI - Android based Planetary Interaction App. Track your extractors. In active development.


  • EveSkillboard - Character Skill Sheet, Standings, Corporation History, Ships can/cannot fly.
  • SkillQ - A simple webapp for monitoring skill queues of various characters.

Developer resources & documentation




Developer tools & libraries


  • eve-esi - Java library to access the ESI API
  • ESI Proxy - A Java serlvet which acts as a proxy for the ESI translating key/hash pairs (created by the proxy) into auto-refreshed OAuth authorization tokens.


  • iveeCore - PHP Library for calculations of industrial activities
  • Eseye - Standalone, Dynamic PHP Client Library for the ESI API


  • EsiPy - Python library (on top of pyswagger) to interact with the ESI API



  • EVEStandard - A C# library for accessing the EVE Online ESI API. This library is .NET Standard compatible.
  • ESISharp - C# Library for interacting with the Eve Online ESI API.
  • EVE Online Library.NET - C#.NET library for interacting with a vareity of official and unoffical APIs including ZKillboard, CREST, Element43, and others. Friendly reminder: EVE XML & CREST are dead
  • ESI Connection Library - C#.NET library for connecting with ESI
  • ESIClient.Dotcore - Dotcore API wrapper to interact with the ESI API
  • zKbRedisqProxy - Console app for testing against RedisQ


  • goesi - Go library using versioned endpoints to access ESI, SSO, CREST, and XMLAPI


  • CFESI - ColdFusion (CFML) CFC API wrapper to interact with the ESI API



  • libdgmpp Fitting engine for EVE Online written on C++ with wrappers for Java and Android.