use your Browser as your Notepad, take notes while you are browsing
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TabNote 📄✏️

use your Browser as your Notepad, take notes while you are browsing

alt text

From now on for notepad, you don't have to go anywhere, convert your browser into your favorite notepad. Customize it as you like it.

TabNote is a free and offline chrome extension which can use to take notes while the you are browsing the web. 🤗

TabNote is free and offline 😍 😻

🤖 You can customize your TabNote by setting up font size, font color, font family, background color, spell checker etc.

You can use TabNote as a clipboard or a notepad. Purpose of TabNote is productivity. You don't have to wait until for notepad, TabNote is a single click away. 👼

How to customize your TabNote?

  • right click on TabNote launcher icon and select Options
  • you will see customizable options

Take notes while you are browsing with TabNote 😊

TabNote License

TabNote is licensed under the MIT license. Enjoy!