An example Facebook Messenger node.js chatbot built with Botkit and integrated with Dialog Analytics.
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Facebook Messenger Botkit Chatbot

An example Facebook Messenger node.js chatbot and integrated with Dialog Analytics. Built with howdyai/botkit.

Getting started

Clone this repository and run npm install

Create an account on, grab your Dialog API token and bot ID.

Follow these instructions to get started with a Messenger bot.

Set environment variables in .env:


Local development: When developping locally, use a service like to expose a server running on your machine. You'll need to update your Facebook app's webhook and set it to something like

$ ngrok http 3000

Start the bot:

$ node bot.js

Open the Messenger application, find your bot and exchange a few messages. Messages will be sent to Dialog's API.

Go further

Read more on how to make the most out of the possibilities offered by Dialog here: