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Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources
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DIALS: Diffraction Integration for Advanced Light Sources

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X-ray crystallography for structural biology has benefited greatly from a number of advances in recent years including high performance pixel array detectors, new beamlines capable of delivering micron and sub-micron focus and new light sources such as XFELs. The DIALS project is a collaborative endeavour to develop new diffraction integration software to meet the data analysis requirements presented by these recent advances. There are three end goals: to develop an extensible framework for the development of algorithms to analyse X-ray diffraction data; the implementation of algorithms within this framework and finally a set of user facing tools using these algorithms to allow integration of data from diffraction experiments on synchrotron and free electron sources.



Winter, G., Waterman, D. G., Parkhurst, J. M., Brewster, A. S., Gildea, R. J., Gerstel, M., Fuentes-Montero, L., Vollmar, M., Michels-Clark, T., Young, I. D., Sauter, N. K. and Evans, G. (2018) Acta Cryst. D74.


DIALS development at Diamond Light Source is supported by the BioStruct-X EU grant, Diamond Light Source, and CCP4.

DIALS development at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is supported by National Institutes of Health / National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant R01-GM095887. Work at LBNL is performed under Department of Energy contract DE-AC02-05CH11231.

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