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Python library to automatically retrieve mutations from ABN Amro
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ABN Amro mutations retrieval

This Python library enables retrieval of mutations from the Dutch ABN Amro banking site using the "soft token" (5-digit pass code).


  • Python 2.7 or 3 (tested with 3.5)
  • requests (tested with 2.15.1)
  • cryptography (tested with 1.4)

This library was created by and is maintained by Dirkjan Ochtman. If you are in a position to support ongoing maintenance and further development or use it in a for-profit context, please consider supporting my open source work on Patreon.


Here is a minimal example demonstrating how to use the library:

import abna, json

sess = abna.Session('NL01ABNA0123456789')
sess.login(123, '12345')
print(json.dumps(sess.mutations('NL01ABNA0123456789'), indent=2))

Change log

0.2 (2018-07-15)

  • Allow retrieval of mutations from different accounts (#1, thanks to @ivasic). Note that this changes the signature of the Session.mutations() method to take the account IBAN as a mandatory first argument.


abnamro-tx is a docker-based solution to run a headless Chrome instance that can download mutation files for you.

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