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Docker Crossarch builds

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This repository contains the code required to build cross-architecture Docker images on a daily basis. Images are built automatically on Travis CI.

What does it do?

The build script emulates, using QEMU, all supported environments and triggers a Docker build of all Dockerfile. Then, the following tags are pushed:

  • <arch>-<version>
  • <arch>-latest

If the release scheme of the software is MAJOR.MINOR, these tags are also pushed:

  • <arch>-<major>
  • <arch>-<major>.<minor>

Plus, if the software follows semver:

  • <arch>-<major>.<minor>.<patch>

Supported architectures

  • amd64
  • armhf

Add a new software

Of course, we appreciate contributions.


  • Fork the project
  • Duplicate one of the current software folder in the repos directory. It contains:
    • A Dockerfile. It is a normal Dockerfile, except it does not have a FROM image
    • A Repofile.js. This contains a function that must return the version of the software
    • A It describes how to use your image
  • Add a <yoursoftware> key to the repos/settings.json file The following settings must be set:
    • image: The base image to use. Can be alpine or ubuntu
    • versioning: The versioning scheme of the software. Can be as-is, major-minor, or semver
  • Add a BUILD=<yoursoftware> job to the .travis.yml file
  • Submit a PR

Notes for Dockerfile

  • A fresh, up-to-date (24h or less) Alpine (edge) or Ubuntu (latest release) image is used
  • The CROSSARCH_ARCH environment variable is set to the currently being built architecture