Nginx docker image for Pimcore
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Nginx image for pimcore4

Nginx container for pimcore applications. Pimcore is not installed in the Image.

Document Root

The required document root for pimcore is set to <your pimcore project>. This is de standard setup for pimcore 4.

Environment variables


By setting DNS_RESOLVER you can make sure that nginx will run without the fastcgi already available. Nginx will resolve the name of the application container via DNS. When you set DNS_RESOLVER to 'auto' the value set in /etc/resolv.conf inside the container will be used by nginx for resolving (This will default to docker interal dns resolving). If you want to use an external resolver you can also set a specific ipv4 address.


When we want to use another frontend module folder name for our pimcore application instead of website, we can set the PIMCORE_FRONTEND_MODULE environment varialbe. Then the nginx config will properly point to the correct assets and static files.

Overriding or adding extra configuration for nginx

When there is a need to add additional configuration to your nginx config you can add a config file in the /etc/nginx/include/overrides.conf location. That file is included in the default server configuration. You can for example add additional configuration for a maintenance page. Or you could set client_max_body_size, ...

$ docker run -v /path/to/overrides.conf:/etc/nginx/include/overrides.conf dockerwest/nginx-pimcore4:<version>


The following versions are available:

  • stable: last stable version of nginx
  • mainline: last mainline version of nginx


MIT License (MIT). See License File for more information.