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Community driven, submit your addon! Docksal addons that can be installed via `fin addon install` command.
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Fix docksal v.1.12.1 update.
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andock Fix docksal v.1.12.1 update. Apr 18, 2019
blt Adds blt addon command Jul 1, 2018
codeclimate Added dynamic option to support no-tty environments. (#8) Feb 2, 2018
example Change version behavior Jun 29, 2017
mailhog Update Apr 15, 2019
phpcs Update Jan 31, 2019
phpunit Re-add description and help text Jun 20, 2018
pma Fixed default output to docksal.yml file (#32) Nov 3, 2018
redis Rename conf file (#5) Dec 29, 2017
sequelpro sequelpro: fix filtering on container label for project name (#28) Jul 19, 2018
simpletest Add simpletest addon (#24) Jul 3, 2018
solr Extend services.yml instead of standalone config (Fixes #21) Jun 29, 2018
uli Feature for uli addon - #29 http and https links #26 improve for drus… Oct 24, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Mar 10, 2017 andock: Fix readme link. Feb 27, 2019

Docksal addons

Required fin version is 1.7.0 or higher.

Addons is a community driven project. If you have an addon idea, we will gladly welcome the new addon.

DISCLAMER: since it is a community driven project it is only smoke-tested and code is only reviewed for vulnerabilities. Addons may not always be up to date with the latest Docksal practices or might have bugs. Feel free to raise issues or pull requests to fix those bugs.

Addons list

Name Description Requirements
example A working documentation on what is Docksal addon and how it works
adminer Adminer database management tool MySQL
andock Andock makes it dead simple to get Docksal environments up on your server. Docksal
blt Acquia BLT tool launcher (requires BLT installation) Drupal
codeclimate CodeClimate code quality tool
mailhog Mailhog e-mail capture service for current project
phpcs PHP Code Sniffer and Code Beautifier
phpunit Creates a phpunit.xml file and runs PHPUnit tests Drupal
pma PhpMyAdmin database management tool MySQL
redis Add Redis to current project
sequelpro Launches SequelPro with the connection information for current project. macOS
simpletest Runs SimpleTest tests in Drupal 7 and 8 Drupal
solr Apache Solr search service for current project
uli Generate one time login url for current site Drupal
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