Languages features in C# 6 and VB 14

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  • Exists: Already shipped in previous release
  • Added: Implemented for this release
  • Planned: Intended for this release
  • No: Not intended for this release
  • N/A: Not meaningful for this language

Please note that everything is still subject to change - this is a preview after all. However, we are reasonably confident about the overall feature set at this point.

Visual Studio 2015 RC has the following features. For a description of each feature see:

Feature Example C# VB
Auto-property initializers public int X { get; set; } = x; Added Exists
Read-only auto-properties public int Y { get; } = y; Added Added
Ctor assignment to getter-only autoprops Y = 15 Added Added
Static imports using static System.Console; … Write(4); Added Exists
Index initializer new JObject { ["x"] = 3 } Added No
Await in catch/finally try … catch { await … } finally { await … } Added No
Exception filters catch(E e) when (e.Count > 5) { … } Added Exists
Partial modules Partial Module M1 N/A Added
Partial interfaces Partial Interface I1 Exists Added
Multiline string literals "Hello<newline>World" Exists Added
Year-first date literals Dim d = #2014-04-03# N/A Added
Comments after implicit line continuation Dim addrs = From c in Customers ' comment N/A Added
TypeOf ... IsNot ... If TypeOf x IsNot Customer Then … N/A Added
Expression-bodied members public double Dist => Sqrt(X * X + Y * Y); Added No
Null-conditional operators customer?.Orders?[5] Added Added
String interpolation $"{p.Name} is {p.Age} years old." Added Added
nameof operator string s = nameof(Console.Write); Added Added
#pragma #Disable Warning BC40008 Added Added
Smart name resolution N/A Added
Read-write props can implement read-only interface properties Exists Added
#Region inside methods Exists Added
Overloads inferred from Overrides N/A Added
CObj in attributes Exists Added
CRef and parameter name Exists Added
Extension Add in collection initializers Added Exists
Improved overload resolution Added N/A