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check_api_v2_types Namespace
- Update EchoArg struct to include max_length in query arg

sharing_files Namespace
- Update FileMemberActionResult to include sckey_sha1, invitation_signature

team_log_generated Namespace
- Add AdminEmailRemindersChangedDetails, AdminEmailRemindersChangedType structs
- Add AdminEmailRemindersPolicy unions

team_policies Namespace
- Add AdminEmailRemindersChangedType struct
- Add FileProviderMigrationPolicyState unions

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Co-authored-by: Brent Bumann <>

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The offical Dropbox SDK for Javascript.

Documentation can be found on GitHub Pages


Create an app via the Developer Console

Install via npm

$ npm install --save dropbox

Install from source:

$ git clone
$ cd dropbox-sdk-js
$ npm install

If you are using the repository from the browser, you can use any CDNs that hosts the Dropbox package by including a script tag with the link to the package. However, we highly recommend you do not directly import the latest version and instead choose a specific version. When we update and release a breaking change, this could break production code which we hope to avoid. Note, we follow semver naming conventions which means that any major version update could contain a breaking change.

After installation, follow one of our Examples or read the Documentation.

You can also view our OAuth guide.


We provide Examples to help get you started with a lot of the basic functionality in the SDK. We provide most examples in both Javascript and Typescript with some having a Node equivalent.

  • OAuth

    • Auth - [ JS ] - A simple auth example to get an access token and list the files in the root of your Dropbox account.
    • Simple Backend [ JS ] - A simple example of a node backend doing a multi-step auth flow for Short Lived Tokens.
    • PKCE Backend [ JS ] - A simple example of a node backend doing a multi-step auth flow using PKCE and Short Lived Tokens.
    • PKCE Browser [ JS ] - A simple example of a frontend doing a multi-step auth flow using PKCE and Short Lived Tokens.
  • Other Examples

    • Basic - [ TS, JS ] - A simple example that takes in a token and fetches files from your Dropbox account.
    • Download - [ TS, JS ] - An example showing how to download a shared file.
    • Team As User - [ TS, JS ] - An example showing how to act as a user.
    • Team - [ TS, JS ] - An example showing how to use the team functionality and list team devices.
    • Upload [ TS, JS ] - An example showing how to upload a file to Dropbox.

Getting Help

If you find a bug, please see for information on how to report it.

If you need help that is not specific to this SDK, please reach out to Dropbox Support.


This SDK is distributed under the MIT license, please see LICENSE for more information.