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YuvToolkit is an open source, cross platform raw yuv player and analyzer. It has following features in the current version:

  • Installation packages for Windows and OsX
  • Support most YUV formats (I420 I422 I444 YV12 YV16 YV24 UYVY YUY2 NV12 grayscale)
  • Support RGB formats (RGB24 RGBX32 XRGB32)
  • Can parse resolution, fps and color from file name, e.g., David-640x480-30FPS-I420.yuv
  • Use Direct3D and OpenGL for rendering, support 1280x720P playback at 60FPS of 4 side-by-side videos (if your hardware is fast enough)
  • Compute objective measures such as MSE and PSNR frame by frame
  • Can visualize the distortion map
  • Support scripting using Javascript, e.g., to open several files at same time
  • Support plugin extensions for new video formats, new measures and new rendering engines


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  • C++ 85.6%
  • JavaScript 6.9%
  • NSIS 2.8%
  • QMake 2.4%
  • C 1.4%
  • Python 0.9%