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This is a Python library to use with ActivityPub. ActivityPub is an API for an open, distributed, social network.


You can install the development version of activitypub with:

pip install git+git://

or the last packaged version with:

pip install activitypub

To use with redis:

pip install redis redis_collections

OR to use with mongodb:

pip install pymongo

OR to use with SQLAlchemy:

pip install sqlalchemy


This module is designed to be a generally useful ActivityPub library in Python. It targets three different levels of use:

  • ActivityPub object API
  • ActivityPub database API
  • Webserver API

These levels can be used independently, or together. They can best be used together using a Manager:

>>> from activitypub.manager import Manager
>>> from activitypub.database import ListDatabase
>>> db = ListDatabase()
>>> manager = Manager(database=db)
>>> p = manager.Person(id="alyssa")
>>> p.to_dict()
{'@context': '',
 'endpoints': {},
 'followers': '',
 'following': '',
 'id': '',
 'inbox': '',
 'liked': '',
 'likes': '',
 'outbox': '',
 'type': 'Person',
 'url': ''}
>>> db.actors.insert_one(p.to_dict())
>>> db.actors.find_one({"id": ''})
{'@context': '',
 'endpoints': {},
 'followers': '',
 'following': '',
 'id': '',
 'inbox': '',
 'liked': '',
 'likes': '',
 'outbox': '',
 'type': 'Person',
 'url': '',
 '_id': ObjectId('5b579aee1342a3230c18fbf7')}

activitypub supports the following databases:

  • MongoDB
  • SQL dialects --- any that that sqlalchemy supports, including:
    • SQLite (including in-memory)
    • Firebird
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
    • Sybase
    • ... and many more!
  • An in-memory, JSON-based database for testing
  • Redis

The activitypub database API is a subset of the MongoDB.

activitypub is targeting the following web frameworks:

  • Flask
  • Tornado

Others can be supported. Please ask!

The activitypub webservice API is based on Flask's.