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@dylan-k dylan-k released this 30 Mar 23:12

Update: This version of Bestrew is created with Tidlywiki, but I don't plan to maintain this project very much further. It was a fun way to learn about the new TiddlyWiki, and the user community was very supportive, for which I am very grateful, but I decided that a SQLite database was a much more efficient way to build a tool to keep track of the manuscripts being submitted for publication.

I will leave this tiddlywiki 5 project online, so that it can continue to serve as an example to others. When TiddlyWiki 5 leaves the beta stage, I may do one final update here. Thanks, everyone, and I look forward to using Tiddlywiki for other projects!

Welcome to Bestrew, a tool for writers to keep track of what they've written, where they've sent their writings and what they've published. I called it "bestrew" because it's a funny literary word, rarely used, but which means "to spread around."

To get started, see for detailed instructions or you can: