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Eclipse Xtext™

Eclipse Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages. It covers all aspects of a complete language infrastructure, from parsers, over linker, compiler or interpreter to fully-blown top-notch IDE integration for Eclipse and Web-based IDEs. Further, languages developed with Xtext can be integrated into editors supporting the Language Server Protocol (e.g. VS Code, Eclipse Che). Xtext comes with great defaults for all these aspects, which at the same time can be easily tailored to your individual needs.

More information can be found on


This repository contains the website and documentation of Xtext, which is tracked in the website-published branch. The actual Xtext code is available in the following modules:

Please check the individual repositories for instructions for building and contributing.

Quick Access

Developer Resources

  • Contributing: report bugs, setup your workspace, submit your changes, etc.
  • Quality Guidelines: how to craft high-quality code changes, commits and pull-requests.
  • Builds: details about the build infrastructure and release process.
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