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Swiftype Enterprise python client
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Elastic Enterprise Search Logo

A first-party Python client for Elastic Enterprise Search.


Getting started 🐣

Supports Python 2.7 and Python 3.3+.

Depends on futures and requests.

Installed with pip <>:

$ python -m pip install swiftype_enterprise

You can also download and install the project source:

$ python install


Retrieve your access token and a content source key after creating your content source.

Indexing a document into a custom content source:

  from swiftype_enterprise import SwiftypeEnterpriseClient
  from swiftype_enterprise.exceptions import SynchronousDocumentIndexingFailed
  content_source_key = 'content source key'
  authorization_token = 'authorization token'
  client = SwiftypeEnterpriseClient(authorization_token)
  documents = [
      'external_id': '1234',
      'url': '',
      'title': 'Swiftype Enterprise Python Github',
      'body': 'A descriptive body, with document contents and metadata'
    document_results = client.index_documents(content_source_key, documents, timeout=10, delay=2)
  except SynchronousDocumentIndexingFailed:
    # Timed out before documents could finish indexing


Where do I report issues with the client?

If something is not working as expected, please open an issue.

Contribute 🚀

We welcome contributors to the project. Before you begin, a couple notes...

License 📗

MIT © Elastic

Thank you to all the contributors!

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