Low-level FPGA / D8M / OV8865 interfacing with PC throught USB
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#Camera Vision

Low-level FPGA / D8M / OV8865 interfacing with PC throught USB.

Please read http://electro-logic.blogspot.it for more documentation, articles, etc..

alt text

alt text


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (.NET 4.5)
  • Intel Quartus Prime 17

Supported Hardware:

  • Terasic DE0-Nano
  • Terasic D8M


Power consumption of DE0-Nano with D8M connected throught USB: 0.35A

Quick start:

  1. Connect D8M into GPIO0 of DE0-Nano like shown into images into \doc folder
  2. Connect DE0-Nano to PC with USB cable bundled
  3. Load with Quartus Programmer \eda\de0-nano\output_files\DE0_NANO_D8M.sof into DE0-Nano
  4. Wait that LED0 turn on and launch \sw\CameraVision\CameraVision\bin\Release\CameraVision.exe
  5. Press Update into Image panel to take a new image


Q) When I launch CameraVision.exe image is corrupted. A) Try to press KEY0 on DE0-NANO to reset the system and try again to launch the software. Try changing resolution (avoid binning) just after programming and before acquiring images.

Q) How can I calculate Color Correction Matrix? A) You need a Color Checker and an app like Color Corrector (https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9PNVVHVWZB85)