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Elixir School

Elixir School is the premier destination for people looking to learn and master the Elixir programming language.


  1. campus campus Public

    The central hub for the Elixir School organization.

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  2. school_house school_house Public

    The new era of Elixir School now powered by @phoenixframework

    Elixir 148 46

  3. elixirschool elixirschool Public

    The content behind Elixir School

    3.5k 1k

  4. admissions admissions Public

    Admissions is the gateway to Elixir School's private Slack

    Elixir 20 3

  5. homework homework Public

    A collection of coding exercises to be completed in conjunction with the lessons available on

    Elixir 71 11

  6. live-view-chat live-view-chat Public

    A chat app built with Phoenix LiveView, PubSub and Presence

    Elixir 60 13


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