A group of people who like making cool mods and modpacks.

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  1. DavincisVessels

    Forked from Ckathode/archimedes-ships

    A minecraft mod that lets you fly a house. Maintained by darkevilmac.

    Java 44 14

  2. Teckle

    A tech mod that actually updates. Maintained by TheCodedOne.

    Java 22 4

  3. MovingWorld

    A library for minecraft mods that want moving player made structures. Powered by false promises. Maintained by darkevilmac.

    Java 17 8

  4. FruitPhone

    An immersive Waila-compatible information mod. Looking for a new maintainer, PRs welcome.

    Java 10 5

  5. Concrete

    A solid foundation for Elytra mods. Maintained by everyone.

    Java 7 5

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