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A group of people who like making cool mods and modpacks.

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  1. MatterLink Public archive

    Matterbridge link for Minecraft Server chat. Simple bridge between Minecraft, Mattermost, IRC, XMPP, Gitter, Slack, Discord, Telegram, Rocket.Chat, Hipchat(via xmpp), Matrix and Steam.

    Kotlin 27 8

  2. Mirage Public

    Neat rendering tricks with an API. Based on Albedo by Elucent. Maintained by unascribed and Falkreon.

    Java 24 5

  3. Teckle Public

    A tech mod that doesn't update. "Maintained" by TheCodedOne.

    Java 22 6

  4. A balanced way to increase your health. Looking for a new maintainer, PRs welcome.

    Java 12 5

  5. BTFU Public

    A minecraft server backup mod that makes proper use of existing tools. Maintained by capitalthree.

    Scala 11 10

  6. A new generation of user-friendly energy, transport, and logic devices. Maintained by Falkreon.

    Java 10 3


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