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A free/libre and open-source extensible framework that revolutionizes the graphical capabilities of Emacs.
The key to ultimately Live in Emacs


Emacs, the extensible text editor, is more than 45 years old. It is older than virtually all operating systems people use today, almost as old as the first UNIX system. During the decades of development, the world's brightest hackers have contributed their intelligence and creativity. Together they've constructed the most comprehensive and richest ecosystem that you can find in any software to date.

If you are a hacker who works with numerous languages and text, who's keyboard-driven and desires maximum freedom, extensibility, and introspectivity over your tool, maybe to the extent of living in it, Emacs will be your best bet.

Unfortunately, this 45 years of age is also one of the greatest disadvantages of Emacs. Comparing with modern software, Emacs lacks performance. Specifically Emacs Lisp lacks performance. It doesn't have proper multithreading and its graphical capabilities are seriously limited. It is far from what you'd expect from any GUI application today (such as IDEA or VSCode). You may think that Emacs, as a text-centric editor, doesn't need them, but have you ever run into a situation that, you sit comfortably typing commands and doing your Emacs sorcery, but can't help but ponder:

What if Emacs has a real browser?
What if this PDF or video file can be viewed efficiently without leaving Emacs?

Emacs, although infinitely extensible in text, is very limited in graphics. It shouldn't have to be this way. However, Emacs Lisp is the integral part of the Emacs culture, it carries decades of history with itself, it is what makes Emacs special. It is irreplaceable.

The vision of the Emacs Application Framework (EAF) project is, while fully retaining the rich history, culture, and ecosystem of Emacs and Emacs Lisp, to open up completely new doors to the ecosystems of Python, Qt6, and even JavaScript. EAF extends Emacs to the world of modern graphics, but still preserving the extensibility and customizability of Emacs. It will be the key to ultimately Live in Emacs.


EAF is very extensible. We ship a lot of applications, feel free to choose anything you find interesting to install:

Browser PDF Viewer
Music Player File Manager

... plus many more!

EAF in EmacsConf

EmacsConf 2020: Extend Emacs with EAF EmacsConf 2021: EAF: A 2021 Update


EAF supports Linux (X11 and Wayland), Windows, macOS and FreeBSD. The installation method is very simple.

1. Download EAF

git clone --depth=1 -b master ~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/emacs-application-framework/

2. Install/Update EAF applications and dependencies

You can use M-x eaf-install-and-update or manually run the script in the EAF directory:

cd emacs-application-framework
chmod +x ./

There are many useful flags available for, check it yourself using --help.

There are four types of support for the Wayland environment:

  • XWayland: EAF can run directly under XWayland
  • Gnome3 Wayland Native: You need to execute the command cp -r emacs-application-framework/gnome-shell/ ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions and activate the plugin in gnome-extensions
  • Sway Wayland Native: jshon needs to be installed
  • Hyprland Wayland Native

3. Load EAF Core

From here on, you can add the full path to the EAF installation directory to your Emacs load-path, then add the following to init.el:

(add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/emacs-application-framework/")
(require 'eaf)
  • Alternatively, if you use use-package, you can use the following sample configuration for your convenience.

    (use-package eaf
      :load-path "~/.emacs.d/site-lisp/emacs-application-framework"
      ; See
      (eaf-browser-continue-where-left-off t)
      (eaf-browser-enable-adblocker t)
      (browse-url-browser-function 'eaf-open-browser)
      (defalias 'browse-web #'eaf-open-browser)
      (eaf-bind-key scroll_up "C-n" eaf-pdf-viewer-keybinding)
      (eaf-bind-key scroll_down "C-p" eaf-pdf-viewer-keybinding)
      (eaf-bind-key take_photo "p" eaf-camera-keybinding)
      (eaf-bind-key nil "M-q" eaf-browser-keybinding)) ;; unbind, see more in the Wiki

4. Load EAF Apps

You can use below code to load applications browser and pdf-viewer that you installed. Please check Applications for the full list:

(require 'eaf-browser)
(require 'eaf-pdf-viewer)

5. Hooray!

Congratulations, you just installed EAF! You can try M-x eaf-open-demo (that is if you have demo installed, of course) to see if everything works properly, and enjoy the new possibilities of Emacs.

Below are launch commands of EAF Applications:

Application Name Launch
Browser M-x eaf-open-browser Search or Goto URL
M-x eaf-open-browser-with-history Search or Goto URL or Goto History
HTML Email Renderer M-x eaf-open-mail-as-html in gnus, mu4e, notmuch HTMl Mail
PDF Viewer M-x eaf-open PDF File
Video Player M-x eaf-open Video File
Image Viewer M-x eaf-open Image File
Markdown Previewer M-x eaf-open Markdown File
Org Previewer M-x eaf-open Org File
Camera M-x eaf-open-camera
Terminal M-x eaf-open-terminal
File Manager M-x eaf-open-in-file-manager
File Sender M-x eaf-file-sender-qrcode or eaf-file-sender-qrcode-in-dired
File Browser M-x eaf-file-browser-qrcode
Airshare M-x eaf-open-airshare
Mindmap M-x eaf-create-mindmap or M-x eaf-open-mindmap
MS Office Viewer M-x eaf-open-office
Jupyter M-x eaf-open-jupyter
Music Player M-x eaf-open-music-player
System Monitor M-x eaf-open-system-monitor
Demo M-x eaf-open-demo to verify basic functionality
Vue Demo M-x eaf-open-vue-demo to verify vue.js functionality
  • EAF Browser and PDF Viewer support Emacs built-in bookmark operation, with M-x bookmark-set (defaulted to C-x r m) and M-x bookmark-bmenu-list (defaulted to C-x r l).


Also, you should regularly git pull and run (M-x eaf-install-and-update) to update EAF, its applications, and relating dependencies.

Report bug

For any installation and configuration assistance, please read the Wiki and FAQ.

If you encounter a problem with EAF, and it occurred after pulling the latest commit, please check the Mandatory Procedures to Keep Your EAF Up-To-Date page first.

For any other problems, please use emacs -q and load a minimal setup with only EAF to verify that the bug is reproducible. If emacs -q works fine, probably something is wrong with your Emacs config.

If the problem persists, please report it here with the *eaf* buffer content. It contains many clues that can help us locate the problem faster.

If you get a segfault error, please use the following way to collect crash information:

  1. Install gdb and turn on option (setq eaf-enable-debug t)
  2. Use the command eaf-stop-process to stop the current process
  3. Restart eaf, send issue with *eaf* buffer content when next crash

EAF in the community

A list of other community packages that use EAF to enhance their graphical experiences!

If we missed your package, please make a PR to add it to the list.


Join Us

Do you want to make Emacs a real "operating system"?

Do you want to live in Emacs more comfortably?

Do you want to revolutionize the capabilities of Emacs?

Let's hack together!