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Materials and resources to help you run an open source workshop
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Do you want to become an open source contributor, or help others reach that goal? This repository contains resources for you to participate in or run your own Ember.js Contributor's Workshop. There are slides, participant instructions, and survey templates. Please reach out to the authors for advice, assistance, etc. We're here to help.

Made with ❤️ by Jen Weber and Ricardo Mendes. Initially created for EmberConf 2018.

Need some quick inspiration? Check out Sean Massa's 2018 EmberConf talk about the many forms that OSS contributions take.

Participant instructions

Follow these instructions so that you are prepared for the Contributors Workshop.

Learn how to get started in Open Source with a quick tutorial in this video:

Alt text

Quick links

Pre-Work for EmberConf Contributor's Workshop

Hi! Thanks for participating in an Open Source Contributor’s Workshop!

First of all, contributions come in many forms - writing articles, asking questions, opening PRs or Issues, helping other people out - so thank you for whatever you do!

We only have limited time, so help make the most of your it, there are some things you need to do ahead of time. New contributors should budget an hour to get their developer environment set up, and experienced contributors should take some time to look through issues and pick a couple that they migt want to work on.

You're welcome to work on projects for any programming languages, frameworks, and libraries! If you are working on an Ember project, you can get help or ask questions on the #dev-ember-learning channel on the Ember.js Chat on Discord. One of the things that team does is help contributors get started on any part of the Ember ecosystem.

  • Install the latest stable ember-cli npm uninstall -g ember-cli && npm install -g ember-cli
  • Fork, clone, npm install, and test run projects you are interested in. This is essential to do ahead of time. While we hope and pray for the quality internetz, most wifi can’t handle 50 devs cloning and npm installing all at the same time.
  • Browse open issues to form some goals for yourself. See list of repositories and some helpful links below. You can work on anything during the workshop. The list just contains suggestions. Look for issues like "help wanted" or "good first issue" to guide your search.
  • Have node, git, and npm installed, and have a GitHub account connected in git. If you need help with these steps, contact the Learning Team or your workshop facilitators.
  • If you want to work on the website, budget some extra time to install Docker or Ruby.
  • If you are not familiar with Open Source workflows (forking, cloning, opening PRs), try it out in this practice repository, while following this article of step-by-step instructions.

Core libraries to browse for issues

You are invited to work on issues in any open source projects! However, here are some "official" Ember repositories to get you started:

Addons and community projects to browse for issues

Maintainers of these addons have specially asked for help and offered mentorship in the past:


Help Wanted and Good First Contribution Issues

We’ve asked the maintainers of many ember projects to use the “good first issue” label to show which issues they’d like help on during the workshop. Again, you are welcome to choose any issue/project, but if you need ideas, click here to browse all of them! You might also want to search for “help wanted” issues.

Check out the Help Wanted dashboard to browse for issues!

If you want to choose one ahead of the workshop, you can add a comment that says you’d like to work on it.

Here are a few issues that we think you might want to check out!

After the workshop

If you need a little help getting something to the finish line, or it's been a week and your PR hasn't been reviewed yet, just drop by the #-team-learning channel on Discord and let them know. The team is all volunteers, so getting help can take a little time, but it's part of the mission! Thanks for your patience!

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