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Labels and milestones

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Labels and milestones are very helpful for sorting, grouping and managing the issues.

Table of Contents


Labels allow to sort the issues and prioritise them:


  • Bug: please provide isolated code to ease fixing it!
  • Question: open question
  • Energia IDE: Energia IDE-related features
  • Example
  • Core: core libraries at in the hardware/msp430/cores/msp430 folder
  • Non-core libraries: additional libraries as in the hardware/msp430/libraries folder
  • Other libraries: other libraries neither core or non-core, for example for Booster Packs


  • Boards: other boards as CC430, MSP-EXP430FR5739, F5510-based Xevto and Olimexino-5510, and other MSP430G2xxx than 2331, 2452 and 2553
  • Booster Pack: related to a Booster Pack, as TouchCap, CC110L Air Module, LCD, ...


  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

Other Classification

  • Duplicate: duplicate issue, please merge
  • Invalid
  • Defer
More than one label can be used, eg. Bug Core.


A milestone groups issues to be fixed before releasing a deliverable, with a deadline.

As at today,

  • RC1 released under `0101E0006` on April 19 ~ May 21, 2012
  • RC2 planned for end of July, 2012 with fixes for the following core issues
  • RC3 — Support for FraunchPad MSP430FR5739 released
  • RC4 — Support for StellarPad lm4f
  • RC5 — Booster Packs Libraries
  • RC6 — Energia IDE Enhancements
  • Support for C2000 Piccolo LaunchPad
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