Popover label for iOS
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What is it

Popover label for iOS

How does it work

  • Dynamically scales to text content
  • Scale & Opacity Intro/Outro animation
  • Animates from arrow origin
  • Uses AutoLayout
  • Customizable through extension overridable methods
  • Rounded corners
  • Positional arrow (Top/Bottom)
  • Dropshadow (Stylable)
  • Aesthetically accurate equilateral based arrow
  • Optionally rounded arrow

How do I get it

  • Carthage github "eonist/Popover-label" "master"
  • Manual Open .xcodeproj
  • CocoaPod (Coming soon)



let label:PopoverLabel = .init(text:"♥ 4",style:PopoverLabel.defaultStyle,alignment:.bottom)
label.hide()/*Set init state to hidden*/
label.intro()/*Begins the looping animation*/