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A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources inspired by Awesome PHP.

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Awesome Sysadmin

A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources inspired by Awesome PHP


Backup software.

  • Amanda - Client-server model backup tool.
  • Bacula - Another Client-server model backup tool.
  • Backup - Provides an elegant DSL in Ruby for performing backups on UNIX-like systems.
  • Backupninja - Lightweight, extensible meta-backup system.
  • Backuppc - Client-server model backup tool with file pooling scheme.
  • Bareos - Bacula fork, made because open-source Bacula version almost stopped progress.
  • Bup - Incremental backups with rolling checksums, git packfiles, de-duplication, and a FUSE filesystem.
  • Burp - Network backup and restore program.
  • Duplicity - Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using the rsync algorithm.
  • Fileprune - delete archived backup files with diverse constraints.
  • FreeFileSync - Folder comparison and synchronization tool providing highly optimized performance and usability without a needlessly complex user interface.
  • Lsyncd - Watches a local directory trees for changes, and then spawns a process to synchronize the changes. Uses rsync by default.
  • Rsnapshot - Filesystem Snapshotting Utility.
  • SafeKeep - Centralized pull-based backup using rdiff-backup.
  • storeBackup - Advanced, yet simple and easy to use backup suite, better suited for personal backups.
  • TarSnap - Secure backup service with a portable client in C.
  • UrBackup - Another client-server backup system.
  • DREBS - AWS EBS backup script that supports strategies.


Cloning software.

  • Clonezilla - Partition and disk imaging/cloning program.
  • DRBL - Diskless Remote Boot in Linux. Open source solution for managing deployment across many clients. Includes Clonezilla and a PXE boot server.
  • Fog - Another computer cloning solution.
  • iPXE - iPXE is an open source boot firmware project as a livecd that can get obscure network devices to recognize and boot from remote PXE servers.
  • Redo Backup - Easy Backup, Recovery and Restore.
  • Unison - Synchronizes files between drives or machines. Bidirectional merging and conflict management.

Cloud Computing

  • AppScale - Open source cloud software with Google App Engine compatibility.
  • Archipel - Manage and supervise virtual machines using Libvirt.
  • CloudStack - Cloud computing software for creating, managing, and deploying infrastructure cloud services.
  • Eucalyptus - Open source private cloud software with AWS compatibility.
  • OpenNebula - An user-driven cloud management platform for sysadmins and devops.
  • Openshift Origin - Open source upstream of OpenShift, the next generation application hosting platform developed by Red Hat.
  • OpenStack - Open source software for building private and public clouds.
  • The Foreman - Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. FOSS.
  • Cobbler - Cobbler is a Linux installation server that allows for rapid setup of network installation environments.
  • Mesos - Develop and run resource-efficient distributed systems.
  • Tsuru - Tsuru is an extensible and open source Platform as a Service software.

Cloud Orchestration

  • Ansible - Contains modules for controlling many types of cloud resources
  • BOSH - IaaS orchestration platform originally written for deploying and managing Cloud Foundry PaaS, but also useful for general purpose distributed systems.
  • Cloudify - A Python based, Pluggable Ochestrator. Runs on any Cloud, leveraging tools of your choice.
  • Cloud Foundry - Open source PaaS software. Apache 2.0 licensed, written in Ruby and Go.
  • Juju - Cloud orechestration tool which manages services as charms, YAML configuration and deployment script bundles.
  • MCollective - Ruby framework to manage server orchestration, developed by Puppet labs.
  • Overcast - Deploy VMs across different cloud providers, and run commands and scripts across any or all of them in parallel via SSH.
  • Rundeck - Simple orchestration tool.
  • Salt - It's written in Python.

Service discovery

  • Consul - Consul is a tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration.
  • Doozerd - Doozer is a highly-available, completely consistent store for small amounts of extremely important data.
  • etcd - A highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery
  • Serf - Serf is a tool for cluster membership
  • ZooKeeper - ZooKeeper is a centralized service for maintaining configuration information, naming, providing distributed synchronization, and providing group services.

Cloud Storage

  • git-annex assistant - A synchronised folder on each of your OSX and Linux computers, Android devices, removable drives, NAS appliances, and cloud services.
  • ownCloud - Provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices.
  • Seafile - Another Open Source Cloud Storage solution.
  • SparkleShare - Provides cloud storage and file synchronization services. By default, it uses Git as a storage backend.
  • Swift - A highly available, distributed, eventually consistent object/blob store.
  • Syncthing - Open Source system for private, encrypted and authenticated distribution of data.

Code Review

Web Based collaborative code review system.

  • Gerrit - Based on the Git version control, it facilitates software developers to review modifications to the source code and approve or reject those changes.
  • Review Board - Available as free software uner the MIT License.

Collaborative Software

Collaborative software or groupware suites.

  • Citadel/UX - Collaboration suite (messaging and groupware) that is descended from the Citadel family of programs.
  • EGroupware - Groupware software written in PHP.
  • Horde Groupware - PHP based collaborative software suite that includes email, calendars, wikis, time tracking, and file management.
  • Kolab - Another groupware suite.
  • SOGo - Collaborative software server with a focus on simplicity and scalability.
  • Zimbra - Collaborative software suite, that includes an email server and web client.

Configuration Management Database

Configuration management database (CMDB) software.

  • i-doit - Open Source IT Documentation and CMDB.
  • iTop - A complete open source, ITIL, web based service management tool.
  • Ralph - Asset management, DCIM and CMDB system for large Data Centers as well as smaller LAN networks.
  • Clusto - Helps you keep track of your inventory, where it is, how it's connected, and provides an abstracted interface for interacting with the elements of the infrastructure.

Configuration Management

Configuration management tools.

  • Ansible - It's written in Python and manages the nodes over SSH.
  • CFEngine - Lightweight agent system. Configuration state is specified via a declarative language.
  • Chef - It's written in Ruby and Erlang and uses a pure-Ruby DSL.
  • Fabric - Python library and cli tool for streamlining the use of SSH for application deployment or systems administration tasks.
  • Pallet - Infrastructure definition, configuration and management via a Clojure DSL.
  • Puppet - It's written in Ruby and uses Puppet's declarative language or a Ruby DSL.
  • Salt - It's written in Python.
  • Slaughter - It's written in Perl.
  • Rudder - Rudder is an open source CM tool for managing IT infrastructures. It is written in Scala.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment

Continuous integration/deployment software.

  • Buildbot - Python-based toolkit for continuous integration.
  • Drone - It's written in Go, and based on Docker.
  • GitLab CI - Based off of ruby. They also provide GitLab, which manages git repositories.
  • Go - Open source continuous delivery server.
  • Jenkins - An extendable open source continuous integration server.
  • Vlad the Deployer - Deployment automation.
  • VexorCI - Fast, Open source CI server based on Ruby and Docker

Distributed Filesystems

Network distributed filesystems.

  • Ceph - Distributed object store and file system.
  • DRBD - Disributed Replicated Block Device.
  • LeoFS - Unstructured object/data storage and a highly available, distributed, eventually consistent storage system.
  • GlusterFS - Scale-out network-attached storage file system.
  • HDFS - Distributed, scalable, and portable file-system written in Java for the Hadoop framework.
  • Lustre - A type of parallel distributed file system, generally used for large-scale cluster computing.
  • MooseFS - Fault tolerant, network distributed file system.
  • MogileFS - Application level, network distributed file system.
  • OpenAFS - Distributed network file system with read-only replicas and multi-OS support.
  • TahoeLAFS - secure, decentralized, fault-tolerant, peer-to-peer distributed data store and distributed file system.
  • XtreemFS - XtreemFS is a fault-tolerant distributed file system for all storage needs.


DHCP tools.


DNS servers.

  • Bind - The most widely used name server software.
  • djbdns - A collection of DNS applications, including tinydns.
  • Designate - DNS REST API that support several DNS servers as its backend.
  • dnsmasq - A lightweight service providing DNS, DHCP and TFTP services to small-scale networks.
  • Knot - High performance authoritative-only DNS server.
  • NSD - Authoritative only, high performance, simple name server.
  • PowerDNS - DNS server with a variety of data storage back-ends and load balancing features.
  • Unbound - Validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver.
  • Yadifa - Lightweight authoritative Name Server with DNSSEC capabilities powering the .eu top-level domain.

Hosting Control Panels

Web hosting control panels

  • Ajenti - Control panel for Linux and BSD.
  • Feathur - VPS Provisioning and Management Software.
  • ISPConfig - Hosting control panel for Linux.
  • VestaCP - Hosting panel for Linux but with Nginx.
  • Virtualmin - Control panel for Linux based on webmin.
  • ZPanel - Control panel for Linux, BSD, and Windows.


IMAP/POP3 mail servers.

  • Courier IMAP/POP3 - Fast, scalable, enterprise IMAP and POP3 server.
  • Cyrus IMAP/POP3 - Intended to be run on sealed servers, where normal users are not permitted to log in.
  • Dovecot - IMAP and POP3 server written primarily with security in mind.
  • Qpopper - One of the oldest and most popular server implementations of POP3.



  • bitlbee - A gateway of IM protocols (XMPP, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, even Twitter) to IRC.
  • ircd-seven - Freenode's IRC server.
  • irssi - Timo Sirainen's command-line IRC client.
  • weechat - Another command-line IRC client.

IT Asset Management

IT Assets Management software.

  • GLPI - Information Resource-Manager with an additional Administration Interface.
  • OCS Inventory NG - Enables users to inventory their IT assets.
  • RackTables - Datacenter and server room asset management like document hardware assets, network addresses, space in racks, networks configuration.
  • Ralph - Asset management, DCIM and CMDB system for large Data Centers as well as smaller LAN networks.
  • Snipe IT - Asset & license management software.
  • TeemIP - IP and Network address management.
  • phpIPAM - IP and Network address management.


LDAP servers.

Load Testing

Load Testing tools.

  • Apache JMeter - An Open Source Java desktop application for testing Web Applications.
  • Gatling Tool - An Open Source Stress Tool.

Log Management

Log management tools: collect, parse, visualize ...

  • Echofish - A web based real-time event log aggregation, analysis, monitoring and management system.
  • Elasticsearch - A Lucene Based Document store mainly used for log indexing, storage and analysis.
  • Fluentd - Log Collector and Shipper.
  • Flume - Distributed log collection and aggregation system.
  • Graylog2 - Pluggable Log and Event Analysis Server with Alerting options.
  • Heka - Stream processing system which may be used for log aggregation.
  • Kibana - Visualize logs and time-stamped data.
  • - Real-time log monitoring in your browser.
  • Logstash - Tool for managing events and logs.
  • nxlog - NXLOG is a universal log collector and forwarder supporting different platforms (BSD, Unix, Linux, Windows, Android), log sources and protocols (Syslog, ...
  • Octopussy - Log Management Solution (Visualize / Alert / Report).
  • pylog - pylog generates logs, events or metrics (randomly, or otherwise) and sends them using different transports (UDP, AMQP, File, etc..)


Monitoring software.

  • Alerta - Distributed, scaleable and flexible monitoring system
  • Cacti - Web-based network monitoring and graphing tool.
  • Cabot - Monitoring and alerts, similar to PagerDuty.
  • Centreon - IT infrastructure and application monitoring for service performance.
  • check_mk - Collection of extensions for Nagios.
  • Dash - A low-overhead monitoring web dashboard for a GNU/Linux machine.
  • Flapjack - Monitoring notification routing & event processing system
  • Icinga - Fork of Nagios.
  • LibreNMS - fork of Observium.
  • Monit - Small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems.
  • Munin - Networked resource monitoring tool.
  • Naemon - Network monitoring tool based on the Nagios 4 core with performance enhancements and new features.
  • Nagios - Computer system, network and infrastructure monitoring software application.
  • Observium - SNMP monitoring for servers and networking devices. Runs on linux.
  • OMD - The Open Monitoring Distribution.
  • Opsview - Based on Nagios 4, Opsview Core is ideal for small IT and test environments.
  • Riemann - Flexible and fast events processor allowing complex events/metrics analysis.
  • Sensu - Open source monitoring framework.
  • Seyren - An alerting dashboard for Graphite.
  • Shinken - Another monitoring framework.
  • Stashboard - An open-source status dashboard running on App Engine.
  • System Monitor - Web based system monitor
  • Thruk - Multibackend monitoring webinterface with support for Naemon, Nagios, Icinga and Shinken.
  • Xymon - Network monitoring inspired by Big Brother.
  • Zabbix - Enterprise-class software for monitoring of networks and applications.
  • Zenoss - Application, server, and network management platform based on Zope.
  • Whoops - Self-hosted tool for logging application events like errors or background worker completion.

Error Monitoring

Log exceptions and errors from applications.

  • Errbit - Error catcher compatible with Airbrake API, in Ruby.
  • Sentry - Application monitoring, event logging and aggregation in Python.
  • Squash - Exception reporting and bug analysis tool in Ruby.

Metric & Metric Collection

Metric gathering and display software.

  • Collectd - System statistic collection daemon.
  • Collectl - High precision system performance metrics collecting tool.
  • Dashing - Ruby gem that allows for rapid statistical dashboard development. An all HTML5 approach allows for big screen displays in data centers or conference rooms.
  • dattss - Realtime Statistics Aggregation Service.
  • Diamond - Python based statistic collection daemon.
  • Ganglia - High performance, scalable RRD based monitoring for grids and/or clusters of servers. Compatible with Graphite using a single collection process.
  • Grafana - A Graphite & InfluxDB Dashboard and Graph Editor.
  • Graph-Explorer - A graphite dashboard that's different, from Vimeo.
  • Graphite - Open source scaleable graphing server.
  • Graphite-ng - Next generation graphite server.
  • InfluxDB - Open source distributed time series database with no external dependencies.
  • KairosDB - Fast distributed scalable time series database, fork of OpenTSDB 1.x.
  • OpenTSDB - Store and server massive amounts of time series data without losing granularity.
  • RRDtool - Open source industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data.
  • Statsd - Application statistic listener.
  • Tessera - A flexible dashboard front-end for Graphite.

Network Configuration Management

Network configuration management tools.

  • GestióIP - An automated web based IPv4/IPv6 IP Address Management tool.
  • Netdot - A NETwork DOcumentation Tool, designed to help network administrators collect, organize and maintain network documentation.
  • NOC Project - Scalable, high-performance and open-source OSS system for ISP, service and content providers.
  • RANCID - Monitors network device's configurarion and maintain history of changes.
  • rConfig - Another network device configuration management tool.


Newsletter software.

  • DadaMail - Mailing List Manager, written in Perl.
  • phpList - Newsletter manager written in PHP.


NoSQL databases.

  • Column-Family
    • Apache HBase - Hadoop database, a distributed, big data store.
    • Cassandra - Distributed DBMS designed to handle large amounts of data across many servers.
    • Hypertable - C++ based BigTable-like DBMS, communicates through Thrift and runs either as stand-alone or on distributed FS such as Hadoop.
  • Document Store
    • CouchDB - Ease of use, with multi-master replication document-oriented database system.
    • ElasticSearch - Java based database, popular with log aggregation, and email archiving projects.
    • MongoDB - Another document-oriented database system.
    • RavenDB - Document based database with ACID/Transactional features.
    • RethinkDB - Open source distributed document store database, focuses on JSON.
  • Graph
    • FlockDB - Twitter's distributed, fault-tolerant graph database.
    • Neo4j - Open source graph database.
  • Key-Value
    • Couchbase - In-memory, replicated, peristent key/value datastore.
    • LevelDB - Google's high performance key/value database.
    • Redis - Networked, in-memory, key-value data store with optional durability.
    • Riak - Another fault-tolerant key-value NoSQL database.

Comparison of NoSQL servers:


  • CMake - Cross-platform build and packaging software.
  • fpm - Versatile multi format package creator.
  • omnibus-ruby - Full stack, cross distro packaging software (Ruby).
  • packer - Packer is a free and open source tool for creating golden images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
  • packman - Full stack, cross distro packaging software (Python).
  • tito - Builds RPMs for git-based projects.
  • TWW Toolsets - Hyper package management system,both toolsets and package sources are free (Python).


  • ActiveMQ - An open source message broker written in Java together with a full JMS client
  • BeanstalkD - A simple, fast work queue.
  • Gearman - Fast multi-language queuing/job processing platform.
  • NSQ - A realtime distributed messaging platform.
  • RabbitMQ - Robust, fully featured, cross distro queuing system.
  • ZeroMQ - Lightweight queuing system.
  • Kafka - A high-throughput distributed messaging system.

Remote Execution

  • Fabric - An advanced SSH Module for Python to remotely (and locally) execute commands (Used for Application Deployment as well).
  • Capistrano - An advanced SSH Module for Ruby to remotely (and locally) execute commands (Used for Application Deployment as well).
  • winexe - Remotely run commands on Windows from Linux using RPC.
  • pywinrm - Python client to control WinRM.
  • winrm - Ruby client to control WinRM.


Relational DBMS.

  • Firebird - True universal open source database.
  • Galera - Galera Cluster for MySQL is an easy-to-use high-availability solution with high system up-time, no data loss, and scalability for future growth.
  • MariaDB - Community-developed fork of the MySQL.
  • MySQL - Most popular RDBMS server.
  • Percona Server - Enhanced, drop-in MySQL replacement.
  • PostgreSQL - Object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).
  • PostgreSQL-XL - Scalable Open Source PostgreSQL-based database cluster.
  • SQLite - Library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL DBS.


Security tools.

  • AIDE - The Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment, developed as a free replacement for Tripwire as a data integrity tool.
  • Bro - A highly advanced network analysis framework.
  • Denyhosts - Thwart SSH dictionary based attacks and brute force attacks.
  • Fail2Ban - Scans log files and takes action on IPs that show malicious behavior.
  • Metasploit - Penetration testing framework.
  • Nessus - Nessus is a proprietary comprehensive vulnerability scanner.
  • nprobe - NetFlow analysis/audit toolkit.
  • ntopng - High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection.
  • OpenVAS - Open-source vulnerability scanner and manager.
  • Ossec - Host-based Intrusion Detection System that performs log analysis, file integrity checking, policy monitoring, rootkit detection, real-time alerting and active response.
  • Samhain - Host-based intrusion detection system, with file integrity checking, log file monitoring/analysis, rootkit detection, port monitoring, detection of rogue SUID execs and hidden processes.
  • Snort - Open-source network intrusion prevention and detection system.
  • SpamAssassin - A powerful and popular email spam filter employing a variety of detection techniques.
  • Tripwire (Open Source) - Data integrity tool, useful for monitoring and altering on specific file changes.
  • Wazuh - HIDS based on OSSEC with the Elastic Stack
  • Yasat - Scan configuration files, kernel parameters and shows the best practices for each cases.

Service Management

Software for managing system services

  • Corosync - The Corosync Cluster Engine is a Group Communication System with additional features for implementing high availability within applications.
  • etcd - A highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery
  • fleet - fleet ties together systemd and etcd into a distributed init system.
  • Serf - Service orchestration and management tool.
  • Systemd - systemd is a system and service manager for Linux, compatible with SysV and LSB init scripts.
  • Zookeeper - ZooKeeper is an open source Apache™ project that provides a centralized infrastructure and services that enable synchronization across a cluster.


SMTP servers.

  • Exim - Message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University of Cambridge.
  • Haraka - A high-performance, pluginable SMTP server written in JavaScript.
  • MailCatcher - Ruby gem that deploys a simply SMTP MTA gateway that accepts all mail and displays in web interface. Useful for debugging or development.
  • Maildrop - Open Source disposable email SMTP server, also useful for development.
  • OpenSMTPD - Secure SMTP server implementation from the OpenBSD project.
  • Postfix - Fast, easy to administer, and secure Sendmail replacement.
  • Qmail - Secure Sendmail replacement.
  • Sendmail - Message transfer agent (MTA).

Software Containers

Operating system–level virtualization.

  • Docker - Open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications.
  • dokku - Docker powered mini-Heroku in around 100 lines of Bash
  • Fig - Fast, isolated development environments using Docker.
  • OpenVZ - Container-based virtualization for Linux.
  • shipyard - Shipyard is a web UI for


SSH tools.

  • Ansible - A general purpose automation stack using SSH that can run ad-hoc actions as well
  • autossh - Automatically respawn ssh session after network interruption.
  • Cluster SSH - Controls a number of xterm windows via a single graphical console.
  • DSH - Dancer's shell / distributed shell - Wrapper for executing multiple remote shell commands from one command line.
  • Mosh - The mobile shell.
  • parallel-ssh - Provides parallel versions of OpenSSH and related tools.
  • pdsh - Pdsh is a high-performance, parallel remote shell utility.
  • Socketpipe - Very efficient TCP connection between remote processes.
  • ssh-ca - Allows giving ssh access to servers without putting a users key on the server, as well as expiring access.
  • SSH Power Tool - Execute commands and upload files to many servers simultaneously without using pre-shared keys.
  • stormssh - A command line tool to manage SSH connections.


Analytics software.

  • Analog - The most popular logfile analyser in the world.
  • GoAccess - Open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal.
  • Piwik - Free and open source web analytics application.
  • Webalizer - Fast, free web server log file analysis program.

Ticketing systems

Web-based ticketing system.

  • Bugzilla - General-purpose bugtracker and testing tool originally developed and used by the Mozilla project.
  • Cerb - A group-based e-mail management project built with a commercial open source license.
  • Flyspray - Web-based bug tracking system written in PHP.
  • MantisBT - Another web-based bug tracking system.
  • osTicket - Open source support ticket system.
  • Otrs - A free and open-source trouble ticket system software package that a company, organization, or other entity can use to assign tickets to incoming queries and track further communications about them.
  • Redmine - Open source project management/ticketing web application written in Ruby.
  • Request Tracker - Ticket-tracking system written in Perl.
  • TheBugGenie - Open source ticket system with extremely complete users rights granularity.


Troubleshooting Tools.

  • mitmproxy - A Python tool used for intercepting, viewing and modifying network traffic. Invaluable in troubleshooting certain problems.
  • Nmap - Security scanner, with host discovery, port scanning, version detection and OS detection capabilities.
  • Sysdig - Capture system state and activity from a running Linux instance, then save, filter and analyze.
  • tcpdump - A powerful command-line packet analyzer.
  • TRK - CPR for your computer! Trinity Rescue Kit is a linux toolkit as a livecd for general computer troubleshooting. Useful for Win, Linux, and OSX.
  • Wireshark - Open-source packet analyzer. Previously known as Ethereal.

Project Management

Web-based project management and bug tracking systems.

Version control

Software versioning and revision control.

  • Fossil - Distributed version control with built-in wiki and bug tracking.
  • Git - Distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) with an emphasis on speed.
  • GNU Bazaar - Distributed revision control system sponsored by Canonical.
  • Darcs - Distributed version control based of patches and changes instead of snapshots.
  • Mercurial - Another distributed revision control.
  • Subversion - Client-server revision control system.


Virtualization software.

  • Bitnami - Freely available VMs for applications described in this list: GitLab, Jenkins, MantisBT, Redmine, Trac and more.
  • Ganeti - Cluster virtual server management software tool built on top of KVM and Xen.
  • KVM - Linux kernel virtualization infrastructure.
  • oVirt - Manages virtual machines, storage and virtual networks.
  • OpenNebula - Flexible enterprise cloud made simple
  • Packer - A tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration.
  • Proxmox VE - Complete open source virtualization management solution
  • QEMU - QEMU is a generic and open source machine emulator and virtualizer.
  • Vagrant - Tool for building complete development environments.
  • VirtualBox - Virtualization product from Oracle Corporation.
  • Xen - Virtual machine monitor for 32/64 bit Intel / AMD (IA 64) and PowerPC 970 architectures.


VPN software.

  • OpenVPN - Uses a custom security protocol that utilizes SSL/TLS for key exchange.
  • Pritunl - OpenVPN based solution. Easy to set up.
  • SoftEther - Multi-protocol software VPN with advanced features
  • sshuttle - Poor man's VPN.
  • strongSwan - Complete IPsec implementation for Linux.
  • tinc - Distributed p2p VPN.
  • SigmaVPN - SigmaVPN is simple, light-weight and modular VPN software for UNIX systems, deploying the NaCl encryption library.


XMPP servers.


Webmail applications.

  • Mailpile - A modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features.
  • RainLoop - Simple, modern & fast web-based IMAP client.
  • Roundcube - Browser-based IMAP client with an application-like user interface.


Web servers.

  • Apache - Most popular web server.
  • Cherokee - Lightweight, high-performance web server/reverse proxy.
  • Lighttpd - Web server more optimized for speed-critical environments.
  • Nginx - Reverse proxy, load balancer, HTTP cache, and web server.
  • uWSGI - The uWSGI project aims at developing a full stack for building hosting services.

Web Performance

  • HAProxy - Software based load Balancing, SSL offloading and performance optimization, compression, and general web routing.
  • Squid - Caching proxy for the web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more.
  • Varnish - HTTP based web application accelerator focusing on optimizing caching and compression.


Wiki software.

  • DokuWiki - Simple to use and highly versatile wiki that doesn't require a database.
  • Gollum - A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.
  • ikiwiki - A wiki compiler.
  • Mediawiki - Used to power Wikipedia.
  • MoinMoin - An advanced, easy to use and extensible WikiEngine with a large community of users.
  • Ōlelo Wiki - A a wiki that stores pages in a Git repository.
  • TiddlyWiki - Complete interactive wiki in JavaScript.


Various resources, such as books, websites and articles, for improving your skills and knowledge.



Sysadmin related books.


Open source code editors.

  • Atom - A hackable text editor from Github.
  • Brackets - Open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers.
  • Eclipse - IDE written in Java with an extensible plug-in system.
  • Geany - GTK2 text editor.
  • GNU Emacs - An extensible, customizable text editor-and more.
  • Haroopad - Markdown editor with live preview.
  • ICEcoder - Code editor awesomeness, built with common web languages.
  • jotgit - Git-backed real-time collaborative code editing.
  • Light Table - The next generation code editor.
  • Lime - Aims to provide an open source solution to Sublime Text
  • Vim - A highly configurable text editor built to enable efficient editing.


Software package repositories.

  • Dotdeb - Repository with LAMP updated packages for Debian.
  • Remi - Repository with LAMP updated packages for RHEL/Centos/Fedora.


Useful sysadmin related websites.

  • High Scalability - Blog to help you build successful scalable websites.
  • Ops School - Comprehensive program that will help you learn to be an operations engineer.
  • Digital Ocean Tutorials - A surprisingly vast resource for getting the basics of certain applications, tools, or even systems administration topics. (Note: Digital Ocean pays authors for this content)
  • Servers for Hackers - Newsletter for programmers who find themselves needing to know their way around a server.


  • GitFlow - Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.
  • GitFlowCheatsheet - GitFlow cheatsheet
  • Gource - Software version control visualization


  • Semver - Semantic Versioning


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


A curated list of amazingly awesome open source sysadmin resources inspired by Awesome PHP.






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