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Fixes, Oper Oversight and Quality-of-Life Improvements!

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@DanielOaks DanielOaks released this 26 Jun 06:12
· 4330 commits to master since this release

Lots of quality-of-life fixes, improved oversight for opers, and a proposed channel renaming command!

With this release, we're moving to a proper Github organisation, becoming more consistent with other IRCds, and introducing a bunch more snomasks. In addition, when setting DLINE and KLINE bans, you can also kill all clients who match the ban by supplying the parameter ANDKILL when you set the ban.

Channel LIST filtering is now more useful, and I'll keep expanding this in future releases. As well, there's been some useful extensions to WHOIS, and a bug with SANICK fixed thanks to @lbeziaud. @enckse has also added Oragono to the Arch AUR, to make it easier to install on that distro.

Thanks to everyone for suggesting improvements and reporting issues! There's a lot to do as we move forward, and I have a pretty decent plan of where to go next.


  • Added proposed channel rename capability draft/rename.
  • Send a bunch more server notice masks, now including:
    • j: Channel registration.
    • k: Kills, including those resulting from DLINEs and KLINEs.
    • n: Nick changes.
    • o: Clients opering-up.
    • q: Clients quitting.
    • u: Account registration and login.
    • x: Setting and removing DLINE/KLINE.


  • DLINE and KLINE: Added ANDKILL parameter to also kill all clients that match the ban.
  • LIST: Implement extended list conditions U (which filters the channels by user count).
  • Renamed a number of dependency libraries, and changed Oragono to its' own organisation (only useful if you're building Oragono from source).
  • WHOIS: Show the target's real IP address if you're whoising yourself or you're an oper.
  • WHOIS: Show whether the target has connected securely using TLS.


  • Removed the JOIN 0 command (matching what InspIRCd has done here), since this is easily abusable.


  • SANICK works properly now (thanks @lbeziaud!).