Getting started

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Helping you in your first steps as a storytlr user

Getting started!

Once you finished the installation, it’s easy to setup a Storytlr page. You can either settle for the carefully crafted default settings or play with the extensive customization features.

The basic setup

We strongly recommend to always go through the following steps:

  1. Setting up your timezone to avoid time-warps on imported items (Configure → Preferences).
  2. Import your existing web sources to collect all your content scattered across the web (Sources).
  3. Pick a design you like. We have quite a few to choose from. Don’t forget a good title for your site (Configure → Design).
  4. Select the pages you would like to see on your personal site (Configure → Pages).

Have a look at your site by clicking View in the top menu. If you like what you see, you’re good to go. Otherwise consider the advanced options below.

The advanced setup

Just to highlight a few elements you may want to customize:

  1. Keep your audience in the know and setup Storytlr to crosspost any source you want on Twitter(Configure → Social Networks).
  2. Let your visitors know who you are and add your details and avatar to your page. Make sure to include the profile / avatar widget (Configure → Profile).
  3. Setup Storytlr to use your own domain (Configure → Advanced)
  4. Change the widgets displayed in the sidebar (Configure → Widgets).
  5. Go wild with your own CSS. We offer some help to get you started (Configure → Design → Custom CSS).
  6. Setup Disqus commenting to manage your comments (Configure → Advanced).