How to integrate with twitter

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Twitter now requires every client application to use OAuth for authenticating with its API. In order to do so, a client application must have a OAuth ‘consumer key’ and a secret, linked to the application and the domain from which API calls will be made. You must therefore obtain your own keys, linked to your own domain. To do so, simply visit this page at Twitter and register your application:

You need to the following parameters:

  • Application type: Browser
  • Callback url: http://<your domain>/admin/sns/callback
  • Default Access Type: Read & Write

Once you have a consumer key and consumer secret, add them to your config.ini file in the Twitter section.

;; Twitter settings
;; In order to integrate storytlr with twitter, you need to obtain OAuth application keys 
;; from Twitter directly (we are not allowed to redistribute keys). It is a simple process
;; that you can follow here: