How to create new themes

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  1. In the themes folder duplicate the folder classic and rename to a new theme name.
  2. In the config.ini file of the new theme folder add author, version, title, description and the nr of tabs (i.e. pages) visible in your theme. The rest of the pages will be available in a dropdown list.
  3. You can make title, subtitle, sidebar_border background, link, sidebar_text and sidebar_header colors editable by the user. Remove items to not allow editing.
  4. Change the style sheet. You can decide to inherit the public.css making it easier to change the high level look and feel. After inheriting you can override any class or id from the public.css in this stylesheet. Alternatively you can start from scratch instead.
  5. Include any images you want to include in the images folder.
  6. Replace the screenshot in png format in the theme folder with the dimensions 240px wide and 187px high.
  7. That’s it. Themes are auto discovered so should appear automagically in Configure → Design.
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