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ThornDockerized Build Status

Docker image to run Thorn ( to test Sugar's REST API

Option 1 - Basic - Running tests

Assuming the the test file sugarsample.js is located inside the local samples directory.

docker run -v ${PWD}/samples:/tests -t esimonetti/thorndockerized ./ user password /tests/sugarsample.js

It is also possible to run all tests within a directory, by passing as last parameter a directory path containing the tests, instead of a specific file name.

Note that for every execution of the Sugar sample test file provided, a new Contact and an Account will be created and immediately soft deleted.

Option 2 - Advanced - Building image manually and running tests

If there is the need to modify the image locally, follow the process below:

  • Clone the repository
  • Enter the cloned directory
  • Build the image:
docker build -t thorn .
  • Run the test on the local image:
docker run -v ${PWD}/samples:/tests -t -i thorn ./ user password /tests/sugarsample.js

Thorn's version is defined on ./thorn/package.json. It is currently set to version 0.6.