A TypeScript parser that produces output compatible with ESLint
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TypeScript ESLint Parser (Experimental)

A parser that converts TypeScript into an ESTree-compatible form so it can be used in ESLint. The goal is to allow TypeScript files to be parsed by ESLint (though not necessarily pass all ESLint rules).

Important: This parser is still in the very early stages and is considered experimental. There are likely a lot of bugs. You should not rely on this in a production environment yet.

Supported TypeScript Version

The version of TypeScript supported by this parser is ~2.2.1. This is reflected in the peerDependency requirement within the package.json file.

Please ensure that you are using this version before submitting any issues.



npm i typescript-eslint-parser --save-dev

And in your ESLint configuration file:

"parser": "typescript-eslint-parser"

Help Wanted!

If you're familiar with TypeScript and ESLint, and you'd like to see this project progress, please consider contributing. We need people with a good knowledge of TypeScript to ensure this parser is useful.

Reporting Bugs

Do not file bugs about ESLint rule failures. This is expected because ESLint doesn't know anything about TypeScript syntax. It's likely that many ESLint rules will have failures as a result. Longer-term, it's likely we'll need to create a custom set of ESLint rules that are TypeScript-specific.

Bugs should be filed for:

  1. TypeScript syntax that fails to parse.
  2. TypeScript syntax that produces an unexpected AST.


Issues and pull requests will be triaged and responded to as quickly as possible. We operate under the ESLint Contributor Guidelines, so please be sure to read them before contributing. If you're not sure where to dig in, check out the issues.

Build Commands

  • npm test - run all linting and tests
  • npm run lint - run all linting


TypeScript ESLint Parser is licensed under a permissive BSD 2-clause license.