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Svelte JavaScript syntax highlighting for vim.
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Vim syntax highlighting and indentation for Svelte 3 components.

This is mostly just HTML syntax highlighting with some keywords added and all expressions inside of { and } highlighted as JavaScript.

Highlighting includes:

  • HTML attributes with a colon like on:click or transition:fade highlighted as Keyword.
  • #if, /if, :else, and :else if highlighted as Conditional.
  • #await, /await, :catch, :then, and @html highlighted as Keyword.
  • #each and /each highlighted as Repeat.


The JavaScript highlighting depends on pangloss/vim-javascript. That ships with sheerun/vim-polyglot so if you're already using that then you should be set.


  1. Install Pathogen, Vundle, NeoBundle, or Plug package manager for Vim.
  2. Use this repository as submodule or package.

For example when using Plug:

Plug 'evanleck/vim-svelte'


  1. burner/vim-svelte


  1. Write some tests using Vader.
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