Development Priority

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This page will list the items I plan to tackle next. Some items may be user-facing, while others may be "under the hood". Not all changes will be shown here for a variety of reasons. And, I may get whimsical and ignore the below list based on celestial phenomena.

I publish this to gather user feedback so anyone can participate in the development process by letting me know what they want to see next.

PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE INFORMATION BELOW! You may add additional comments on this page or feel free to email me. Thank you.

  1. (E) Visual overhaul to match Google/Chrome
  2. (B) Fix sometimes-broken search results
  3. (E) Sync extension options
  4. (E) New error reporting service
  5. (B) Fix crash when scrolling down search result list
  6. (B) Can't open bookmark in new tab with left-click and keep popup open
  7. (E) Show full path of bookmark in the bookmark tree tooltip
  8. (E) Hide empty "root" folders
  9. (E) Update bookmark URL to current tab's URL
  10. (E) Ability to change "*" to some other key


  • (E) = Enhancement
  • (B) = Bug