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Business Intelligence as Code: Generate reports using SQL and markdown

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How It Works

Evidence is an open-source, code-based alternative to drag-and-drop business intelligence tools.


Evidence generates a website from markdown files:

  • SQL statements inside markdown files run queries against your data sources
  • Charts and components are rendered using these query results
  • Templated pages generate many pages from a single markdown template
  • Loops and If / Else statements allow control of what is displayed to users


  1. Download the Evidence VSCode Extension
  2. Open the Command Palette (F1) and enter Evidence: New Evidence Project
  3. Click the Start Evidence button in the bottom status bar

See docs for other install options (CLI, Docker, etc)


  • Evidence Cloud is the easiest way to securely host your project. It's free to get started.
  • Self-hosted options include Netlify, Vercel, your own infra, and other static site hosting platforms.

Join the Evidence Community

Join our Slack channel to get involved in the community's discussion, share what you're working on, or request features.

Follow us on Twitter to receive the latest updates on Evidence.


If you are interested in contributing, please join us on our slack channel, open an issue, or contribute a pull request.


Evidence is licensed under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for licensing information.