Udacity FEND assignment [4/8] – add game functionality by using object-oriented programming
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Arcade Game Clone, Udacity FEND project [4/8]

Live version: https://ewastasiak.github.io/arcade-game/

How to Run and Play the Game

  1. Use Chrome or Firefox. Opera should be fine(-ish). Internet Explorer – bad idea.
  2. The game is ready to play as soon as the page loads. If you are using a downloaded version, unzip the file and run index.html.
  3. You can start moving around by using arrow keys: move up: ↑ move down: ↓ move left: ← move right: →
  4. Plot foreshadowing: you are a fragile ladybug on a green meadow. A very thirsty ladybug, at that.
  5. Ergo: you need to reach the nearby river and have a rejuvenating drink. ASAP.
  6. Unfortunately, a crystal clear body of water is not the only thing before your eyes. There's also a grim parade of ghostly Jims Morrisons.
  7. Yeah, you've read that correctly. Multiple Jims Morrisons.
  8. Your mission is quite clear by this point, right? Reach the tasty water. Don't get squashed in the process. You might try to repeat your success a few times. Ten times, for instance.
  9. I really like number 9.



Dependencies & Acknowledgements

TODOs and Known Issues

  1. Add the bonus characters, unlock them after 10 victories
  2. Remake all the graphics in a coherent style
  3. Create a responsive/mobile-friendly version
  4. Make this work on more browsers.
  5. Listen to The Doors.
  6. Add other stuff.
  7. I really like number 9.

A Fail and a Thank You

I don't always make notes. I often reference JavaScript, as it's the whole new world for me. I can't pinpoint whose file is the reference file I used when I got totally stuck, but I know the person is somewhere out there, on Slack. Too bad that Slack is so good at erasing all the tracks ;(