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Exercism Python Track

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Hi.  👋🏽  👋  We are happy you are here.  🎉 🌟

exercism/Python is one of many programming language tracks on exercism(dot)org. This repo holds all the instructions, tests, code, & support files for Python exercises currently under development or implemented & available for students.

🌟   Track exercises support Python 3.7 - 3.11.2. Exceptions to this support are noted where they occur.
🌟   Track tooling (test-runner, representer, analyzer, and Continuous Integration) runs on Python 3.11.2.

Exercises are grouped into concept exercises which teach the Python syllabus, and practice exercises, which are unlocked by progressing in the syllabus tree  🌴 . Concept exercises are constrained to a small set of language or syntax features. Practice exercises are open-ended, and can be used to practice concepts learned, try out new techniques, and play. These two exercise groupings can be found in the track config.json, and under the python/exercises directory.

🌟🌟  Please take a moment to read our Code of Conduct 🌟🌟 
It might also be helpful to look at Being a Good Community Member & The words that we use.

                         Some defined roles in our community: Contributors | Mentors | Maintainers | Admins

We 💛 💙   our community.
But our maintainers are not accepting community contributions at this time.
Please read this community blog post for details.

Here to suggest a new feature or new exercise?? Hooray!  🎉  
We'd love if you did that via our Exercism Community Forum.
Please read Suggesting Exercise Improvements & Chesterton's Fence.
Thoughtful suggestions will likely result faster & more enthusiastic responses from volunteers.

✨ 🦄  Want to jump directly into Exercism specifications & detail?
     Structure | Tasks | Concepts | Concept Exercises | Practice Exercises | Presentation
     Writing Style Guide | Markdown Specification (✨ version in contributing on

Python Software and Documentation

Copyright © 2001-2022 Python Software Foundation. All rights reserved.

Python software and documentation are licensed under the PSF License Agreement.

Starting with Python 3.8.6, examples, recipes, and other code in the Python documentation are dual licensed under the PSF License Agreement and the Zero-Clause BSD license.

Some software incorporated into Python is under different licenses. The licenses are listed with code falling under that license. See Licenses and Acknowledgements for Incorporated Software for an incomplete list of these licenses.

Exercism Python Track License

This repository uses the MIT License.