Zstandard v1.1.3

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Feb 6, 2017

cli : zstd can decompress .gz files (can be disabled with make zstd-nogz or make HAVE_ZLIB=0)
cli : new : experimental target make zstdmt, with multi-threading support
cli : new : improved dictionary builder "cover" (experimental), by @terrelln, based on previous work by @ot
cli : new : advanced commands for detailed parameters, by @inikep
cli : fix zstdless on Mac OS-X, by @apjanke
cli : fix #232 "compress non-files"
API : new : lib/compress/ZSTDMT_compress.h multithreading API (experimental)
API : new : ZSTD_create?Dict_byReference(), requested by Bartosz Taudul
API : new : ZDICT_finalizeDictionary()
API : fix : ZSTD_initCStream_usingCDict() properly writes dictID into frame header, by @indygreg (#511)
API : fix : all symbols properly exposed in libzstd, by @terrelln
build : support for Solaris target, by @inikep
doc : clarified specification, by @iburinoc


Zstandard v1.1.2

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Dec 14, 2016 · 486 commits to dev since this release

new : programs/gzstd , combined *.gz and *.zst decoder, by @inikep
new : zstdless, less on compressed *.zst files
new : zstdgrep, grep on compressed *.zst files
fixed : zstdcat

cli : new : preserve file attributes
cli : fixed : status displays total amount decoded, even for file consisting of multiple frames (like pzstd)
lib : improved : faster decompression speed at ultra compression settings and 32-bits mode
lib : changed : only public ZSTD_ symbols are now exposed in dynamic library
lib : changed : reduced usage of stack memory
lib : fixed : several corner case bugs, by @terrelln
API : streaming : decompression : changed : automatic implicit reset when chain-decoding new frames without init
API : experimental : added : dictID retrieval functions, and ZSTD_initCStream_srcSize()
API : zbuff : changed : prototypes now generate deprecation warnings
zlib_wrapper : added support for gz* functions, by @inikep
install : better compatibility with FreeBSD, by @DimitryAndric
source tree : changed : zbuff source files moved to lib/deprecated


Zstandard v1.1.1

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Nov 1, 2016 · 712 commits to dev since this release

New : cli commands -M#, --memory=, --memlimit=, --memlimit-decompress= to limit allowed memory consumption during decompression
New : doc/zstd_manual.html, by @inikep
Improved : slightly better compression ratio at --ultra levels (>= 20)
Improved : better memory usage when using streaming compression API, thanks to @Rogier-5 report
Added : API : ZSTD_initCStream_usingCDict(), ZSTD_initDStream_usingDDict() (experimental section)
Added : examples/multiple_streaming_compression.c
Changed : zstd_errors.h is now installed within /include (and replaces errors_public.h)
Updated man page
Fixed : several sanitizer warnings, by @terrelln
Fixed : zstd-small, zstd-compress and zstd-decompress compilation targets


Zstandard v1.1.0

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Sep 27, 2016 · 828 commits to dev since this release

New : pzstd , parallel version of zstd, by @terrelln

added : NetBSD install target (#338)
Improved : speed for batches of small files
Improved : speed of zlib wrapper, by @inikep
Changed : libzstd on Windows supports legacy formats, by @KrzysFR
Fixed : CLI -d output to stdout by default when input is stdin (#322)
Fixed : CLI correctly detects console on Mac OS-X
Fixed : CLI supports recursive mode -r on Mac OS-X
Fixed : Legacy decoders use unified error codes, reported by benrg (#341), fixed by @inikep
Fixed : compatibility with OpenBSD, reported by@juanfra684 (#319)
Fixed : compatibility with Hurd, by @inikep (#365)
Fixed : zstd-pgo, reported by @octoploid (#329)


Zstandard v1.0

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Aug 31, 2016 · 869 commits to master since this release

Change Licensing, all project is now BSD, copyright Facebook
Added Patent Grant
Small decompression speed improvement
API : Streaming API supports legacy format
API : New : ZDICT_getDictID(), ZSTD_sizeof_{CCtx, DCtx, CStream, DStream}(), ZSTD_setDStreamParamter()
CLI supports legacy formats v0.4+
Fixed : compression fails on certain huge files, reported by Jesse McGrew
Enhanced documentation, by @inikep


Zstandard v0.8.1

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Aug 18, 2016 · 955 commits to master since this release

New streaming API
Changed : --ultra now enables levels beyond 19
Changed : -i# now selects benchmark time in second
Fixed : ZSTD_compress* can now compress > 4 GB in a single pass, reported by Nick Terrell
Fixed : speed regression on specific patterns (#272)
Fixed : support for Z_SYNC_FLUSH, by @dak-evanti-ru (#291)
Fixed : ICC compilation, by @inikep


Zstandard v0.6.2 "transition"

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Aug 2, 2016

Same as v0.6.1
with added ability to decode v0.7x and v0.8x streams (forward compatibility)


Zstandard v0.7.5 "transition"

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Aug 1, 2016

Same as v0.7.4
with added ability to decode v0.8x streams (forward compatibility)


Zstandard v0.8.0

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Aug 1, 2016 · 1067 commits to master since this release

Final compression format
Improved : better speed on clang and gcc -O2, thanks to @ebiggers
New : Build on FreeBSD and DragonFly, thanks to @jrmarino
Changed : modified API : ZSTD_compressEnd()
Fixed : legacy mode with ZSTD_HEAPMODE=0, by @gymdis
Fixed : premature end of frame when zero-sized raw block, reported by @ebiggers
Fixed : large dictionaries (> 384 KB), reported by Ilona Papava
Fixed : checksum correctly checked in single-pass mode
Fixed : combined --test amd --rm, reported by @amnilsson
Modified : minor compression level adaptations
Updated : compression format specification to v0.2.0
changed : zstd.h moved to /lib directory


Zstandard v0.7.4

@Cyan4973 Cyan4973 released this Jul 16, 2016 · 1186 commits to master since this release

Modified : default compression level is now 3 for CLI
Added : homebrew for Mac, by @cadedaniel
Fixed : segfault when using small dictionaries, reported by Felix Handte
Added : more examples
Updated : specification, to v0.1.1