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Version 3.20

  • Fix IASZONE to be more flexible
  • Fix Wiser endpoint
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Version 3.20

  • Fix IASZONE to be more flexible
  • Fix Wiser endpoint
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Version 3.1e

  • Add ACK + IEEE mode to RAW Mode
  • Add NPDU et APDU info on Status message (At the end (0x8000)
  • Add extended Message on 0x9999 command
  • Add LoRaTap command and add more compatibility on ON/OFF command
  • Add 8012/8072 command
  • Add Default response capability to RAW message
  • Fix memory issue to ZPSCFG 7 APS ACK MAX + 14 APDU + 14 NPDU + 70 Routing table
  • Fix BDB messages. Message filter when a device attack many endpoint
  • Fix duplicate packet in RAW/hybrid mode
  • Fix E_ZCL_ERR_SECURITY_RANGE on ZLO register
  • Fix HATransportKey function (Device Authentification)
  • Fix overflow on serial command
  • Fix Memory leak and clean APDU
  • Fix some other bugs
  • Delete Migration procedure
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You have to use this firmware if you start from scratch (no device).

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  • Add 0x8002 command (raw command) when cluster or attribute is unknown. #287 / #314
  • Add PDMonHost commands for future implementation #281
  • Add new message when PDM is loaded (usefull for PDMonHost implementation) #281
  • Add Write Attribute Request with no response #306
  • Add a new sequence number method to link status messages #296 / #298
  • Add rawmode hybrid and keep existing one #307
  • Upgrade UART RX buffer --> 255 octets instead of 127
  • Fix 0x8002 issue (raw command) Fix a leak on the aps_data_indication. Free APDU instance after treatment. (ZigPy fix)
  • Fix configure report when using 8 bits datatype #308
  • Fix 0x8100 vs 0x8102 #299
  • Fix ignore unknow attribute on configureReportingCommand --> (for DANFOSS with specific attribute)
  • Fix a callback function which run before a registering #293
  • Fix 24bits types handling #290
  • Fix When cluster is unknow and there is not customCallbackFunction, we transmit to 0x8002 command (actually, concern 0x0300, 0x0120 and 0x0005)
  • Fix Finally desactive 0x8035 command by default
  • Fix OTA bug for Legrand OTA
  • Fix Legrand timer for controler (increment all second and reset to 0 when restart)
  • Fix UART FIFO capacity
  • Fix name error on cluster capacity (in ZCL_options.h
  • Change MAX_PACKET_SIZE ( for PDMonHost implementation)
  • Fix some other bugs
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Version 3.1c

  • Fix "Device announce" issue when device goes from off to on.
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  • Add E_SL_MSG_APS_DATA_ACK (0x8011 command) to catch ack and nack when there are lost messages or not #239
  • Add ZPS_eAplAfUnicastAckDataReq to the 0x0110 command instead of ZPS_eAplAfUnicastDataReq #106
  • Add rejoin information in "Device Announce" packet #247
  • Add EVENT_PDM command (0x8035) return event code from PDM.
  • Update 0x8030 and 0x8031 structure command.
  • Fix issue to manage Livolo status #148
  • Fix issue on uint48 datas #223
  • Fix ExtPANID modification #230
  • Fix issue to use string data type for write attribute command (0x110) #268
  • Fix dupplicate "Device announce"
  • Remove #define ZED_TIMEOUT_INDEX_DEFAULT to ZED_TIMEOUT_256_MIN value.
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Version 3.1a

  • Add Raw Mode, command 0x0002 (zigpy ) #129 + #153
  • Add PDM migration for version changing
  • Add support of cluster IAS_WD (0x0502). To manage alarm siren
  • Add Flow control (RTS/CTS) option control
  • Add SrcAddr to 0x804A command (MANAGEMENT_NETWORK_UPDATE_RESPONSE) #203
  • Add SrcAddr to 0x8040 command (MANAGEMENT_LQI_REQUEST) #198
  • Add fields for 0x8030, 0x8031 Both responses now include source endpoint, addressmode and short address. #122
  • Add TERNCY devices (talk to 0x6E endpoint and use private cluster 0xFCCC)
  • Add KONKE devices (talk to 0x15 endpoint)
  • Add complete INNR RC110 support (add LEVEL_CONTROL_SERVER) #160 + #194
  • Add 0x40 command on Cluster (0x0006) (for INNR RC110)
  • Add 0x04 an 0x02 command on Cluster (0x0008) (for INNR RC110)
  • Add cmd 0x0111 E_SL_MSG_WRITE_ATTRIBUTE_REQUEST_IAS_WD to send command to IAS_WD device
  • Add cmd 0x0112 E_SL_MSG_WRITE_ATTRIBUTE_REQUEST_IAS_WD_SQUAWK to send command to IAS_WD device
  • Add cmd 0x0807 Get Tx Power #145
  • Add cmd 0x8806 Set Tx Power
  • Add BMAP16 attribute type #167
  • Fix Rearranged teNODE_STATES to logical in all cases #101
  • Fix Changed 8702 to respect address mode #161 + #47
  • Fix Command 0x8024 returns addr, ieee and channel with status 4 #74
  • Fix issue to manage Address Mode with APS_DATA_CONFIRM
  • Fix issues with MultiStateInputBasicClient
  • Remove Identify server
  • Remove Multistate_Input_Basic server
  • Remove Analog Input basic server
  • Remove double case and tidying code ZPS_ZDP_MGMT_LEAVE_RSP_CLUSTER_ID was checked twice.