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SensioLabsInsight PrestaShop module "Faktiva SEO ToolKit"

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Handles a few basic SEO related improvements such as:

  • "hreflang"
  • "canonical"
  • "noindex"

For production use the latest stable release

It has been reported to work on PS >= but it should work on PS 1.6.x.x too and could work on PS >= too. If you succesfully use this module on some older version please report

Canonical URLs

Insert the <meta rel="canonical"> html tag to avoid content duplication

Query string is removed only when needed, pagination is retained and handled (an existing "prev/next" mechanism is needed, newer PS already does it)


Handle multilingual sites. Insert the <meta rel="hreflang"> html tag, a default lang is handled too.

hreflang meta is only added on canonical pages, as explained in the following image and explained by Eoghan Henn


Automatically assure a <meta robots="noindex"> tag is added to every PS controller that should not been indexed by search engines. This allows for big "robots.txt" cleanup .. and a better SEO

The phylosophy is "Don't use robots.txt to tell robots to do not index a page, it should be used to block them .. it's different"