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Tutorial notebooks for hls4ml

There are several ways to run the tutorial notebooks:


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The Python environment used for the tutorials is specified in the environment.yml file. It can be setup like:

conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate hls4ml-tutorial


Follow these steps to build a Docker image that can be used locally, or on a JupyterHub instance, e.g. as the single user image. The Dockerfile was modified from one created using repo2docker. You can build the image straight from the Github: docker build --build-arg NB_USER=jovyan --build-arg NB_UID=1000 -f docker/Dockerfile Alternatively, you can clone the repository and build locally (you might want to do this to add Vivado installation, for example):

git clone
cd hls4ml-tutorial
# modify something
docker build --build-arg NB_USER=jovyan --build-arg NB_UID=1000 . -f docker/Dockerfile

Then to start the container: docker run -p 8888:8888 <IMAGE ID> When the container starts, the Jupyter notebook server is started, and the link to open it in your browser is printed.