A 4-dimensional labyrinth
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4D Labyrinth

The 4D Labyrinth is a simple game illustrating the 4-dimensional geometry.

The player (represented by a yellow cube, which is actually a tesseract - a 4-dimensional analog of a cube) has to travel through a labyrinth of tunnels laid out in 4 dimensions and find the target, which is represented by a blue tesseract.

What the player sees is actually just a 3D slice of the 4D hyperspace. It's analogous to only seeing a 2-dimensional slice of a 3D space, in which, for example, a cube could be seen as a square, a rectangle, a triangle, or even a hexagon. Similarly, a 3D slice of a tesseract can be a cube, a cuboid or some other weird shape. The visible slice can be rotated, giving the player access to the whole 4D space.


The player can move using the following keys:

  • W/S/A/D - move forwards/backwards/left/right
  • Q/E - move up/down
  • T/G - pitch down/up
  • F/H - roll left/right
  • R/Y - yaw left/right
  • U/J/C/V/B/N - rotate the visible slice of the hyperspace


  • The program uses OpenGL via the awesome Glium crate
  • Rust nightly is required for compilation due to some usage of the impl Trait feature