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shortcodes for commons booking

php-files can be included in functions.php or installed as a plugin

shortcodes can be used in pages, posts and widgets

table sorting requires Plugin 'Table Sorter'

  1. custom-shortcodes-cb-items.php:

[cb_items_teaser] items teaser (linked thumbnails , sorted by ID asc)

[cb_items_teaser_cat] items teaser (sorted and grouped by categories), optional parameter 'cat' (id)

[cb_items_date] bookable items for 1 date (list), opt. parameter: 'addDays' (checked day after today)
'sort' (sort order for items, default DESC)

[cb_items_next_date] next date with bookable items (list), opt. parameter: 'days' (max. checked days from today, default 30) 'time' (0-24, time to switch checking from today to tomorrow, default 14) 'sort' (sort order for items, default DESC)

[cb_items_available] availability of all items for the next 30 days (sortable calendar table), opt. parameter 'desc' for table description

  1. custom-shortcodes-statistics1.php:

[cb_bookings_summary] past bookings summary for all locations (sortable table plus chart)

[cb_bookings_months] past and future bookings summary for all items per month (table and chart)

  1. custom-shortcodes-cb-bookings-overviews.php (only for non-public pages!):

[cb_bookings_preview] coming bookings of all locations with booker's names (abbreviated)

[cb_bookings_overview] bookings overview of 1 location with booker's contact data, parameter 'locid' (id of location) 'days' (max. days +/- today, default 15)

[cb_bookings_location] bookings overview for location manager, parameter 'days' (max. days +/- today, default 15) 'acf' (ACF fieldname, default 'user_locations')

ACF = Plugin 'Advanced Custom Fields' (field 'user_locations': select 1-n locations in user profile)

  1. custom-shortcodes-cb-users1.php (only for non-public pages!):

[cb_bookings_user] user bookings summary (all subscriber bookings, sortable table)

for more details see description on top of each php-file