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A structured logger for Fluentd (Node.js)

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fluent-logger for node.js

fluent-logger implementation for node.js inspired by fluent-logger-python.

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$ npm install fluent-logger


Fluent daemon should listen on TCP port.


Send an event record to fluentd

Singleton style

var logger = require('fluent-logger')
// The 2nd argument can be omitted. Here is a defualt value for options.
logger.configure('tag', {
   host: 'localhost',  
   port: 24224,
   timeout: 3.0

// send an event record with 'tag.label'
logger.emit('label', {record: 'this is a log'});

Instance style

var logger = require('fluent-logger').createFluentSender('tag', {
   host: 'localhost',  
   port: 24224,
   timeout: 3.0

The emit method has following signature

.emit([label string], , [timestamp number/date], [callback function])

Where only the record argument is required. If the label is set it will be appended to the configured tag.

Logging Library Support


Befre using [log4js] support, you should install it IN YOUR APPLICATION.

var log4js = require('log4js');
log4js.addAppender(require('fluent-logger').support.log4jsAppender('mytag', {
   host: 'localhost',
   port: 24224,
   timeout: 3.0

var logger = log4js.getLogger('foo');'this log record is sent to fluent daemon');


Apache License, Version 2.0.

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